>dry spell

>Its been awhile since I last blogged. Well since Wednesday apparently. Right now I am preparing for my last final in my undergraduate years at the University. I have compiled a list of material that I need to know for my exam, that my mentor professor has so graciously provided (imagine that, a useful exam prep!). Its about ten pm, I should be hitting the sack in about two hours, albeit its Sunday and I will have difficulties sleeping, as per usual- given that I slept in till twelve today and did not do stairs today.

Workout- today I did my usual incline/decline bench press which was as usual, unstimulating (i really need to get more weights for the home workout). Afterwards, I did the newly implemented lat pull down, which was great. I anchored my feet under a dumbbell to provide for traction for pull down. And then I did lateral raises- which was fuelled by my anger against stupid Microsoft. I installed XP service pack 3 on my main rig, which apparently puts a conflict with my wireless adapter’s driver. Which might have been the reason I had BSOD all the time. Well Dlink’s driver updater did not recognize my adapter, which is really stupid. And when I tried to install my wireless N adapter, it also failed, and suddenly tried to revert back to my old G adapter. Great.

I’m contemplating a desktop replacement rig, instead of an ultraportable. Although an ultraportable is prefect for travel, I also am very impatient with computer speed, and I can only imagine my anger with a throttled down ULV processor, or the meager abilities of a Macbook Air. I recently found that the VAIO AW has 4.1 sound, which means there is a sub in the laptop. Awesome! Now I’m confused.

Yesterday, Will, Jia, Jen and I went to Conner’s hill to go toboganning. To add to our exciting evening, there was a sign saying that the hill was closed due to unsafe conditions. But of course, being the highly educated individuals that we are, we went on it. With saucers, crazy carpets and a sled. I knew that the speed of travel was nuts, and that keeping a low center of gravity was important, so I lied down on my saucer. Which was unfortunate. This meant that My back felt every impact. I swear that I thought I was going to die on the hill. On a saucer. Not really my ideal way out, but I think suitable for a hilarity in an end! Fortunately it was not so. But after some serious air off unseen bumps, we all decided it was time to call it a day. Especially after we saw Jennifer fall off her sled, and not just slide like Will, but roll. Many times. It was actually kind of scary. But it was one super fun sled ride! I won’t do it again though.

I have to get back to studying.

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