>omg its a miracle

>workout; today i did it! i did 8×8 reps of 195 lbs, 22 lbs over my current weight of 162lbs! woo! it was much better with Phil spotting me. afterwards, we did sets till failure, a really sweet concept that works your body to the max. Loved it.

Everytime I see this camera, I want to buy it. The design is just so exciting that I just might do it. Maybe a graduation gift? >__< But it would be so pointless cause…..the F200EXR ISO test shots are out.


The high ISO tests at ISO 800 clearly show an advantage in detail retention and much better preserved colors, at least from what I quickly glanced through at, in comparison to the beautiful Canon G10. Too bad the F200EXR looks like crap. At least the Fuji has a nice zoom range, but at a wide aperture at 3.3, its kind of slow, especially compared to the F2.0 on the LX3. Sigh.

What does this mean? A sweet indoors camera for low light, non flash shots. That is pocketable. But what does it also mean? A compromise- is an F2.0 more useful than usable ISO 800? Hmm, tough question. Depends on what you are using it for. Finally, the lamest, but important for me part. Why doesn’t it look like the G10? WHY? Should I wait to see what the G11 will be like? I don’t need the G10 and it certainly doesn’t offer anything more for me than what my p5100/sb400 combo can do in a portable rig.


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