>hurry hurry

>i am in a rush to produce a blog before the end of the night cause i have lots of homework that needs to be done. cause i didnt do anything cause i was trying to set up a POS router from dlink.

my workout was terrible. well the gym was great but the run was bad. i felt like quitting before i even started. lovely.

but heres the main reason i am blogging; the Fujifilm F200EXR. promised back in september, to have high ISO quality surpassing the F30 and F31d, (and bypassing following generations, indicating that Fujifilm recognized that it was making pretty bad cameras after that. well not bad, but nothing that lived up to the legends before).

Is it all hype, or will it really be the camera to buy for the pocket? Will it give the LX3 a run for its money? the f200exr has a fairly slow lens, but a decent range. but with olympus posed to drop 2 micro 4/3 compacts soon, with much larger sensors, does it even matter? the difference in size might be worth ponying up for the Olympus as a good DSLR replacement for the pocket. Only the reviews will tell. Truly an exciting time, but I can’t get over the corny EXR wording. Like the EXSPEED processors on the Nikon compact line, this could just be all crap/hype. But with Fuji actually stating hard hitting words on its release page, it might just be true. I hope so! I need a better pocketable cam.

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