>Omg sleep in large amounts

>I slept from nine pm till seven am this morning. I don't think I've slept this much before a school day before. It feels great, but cause its still the morning, I need some caffeine to kick start my day. I wonder how bad it was, that I ate a good meal an hour before I went to sleep. Does that induce fat retention/buildup?

I did a few notable exercises the other day. On sunday I added lat pulldowns on my own home gym. It was sweet because up till now I had relied on the bench press to bring my lats up to speed. But after the lat pulldown I felt I had hit them much more precisely. As well yesterday Phil and I used the curl bar on the um curl rest thing. Again I felt like I hit the target muscle much better. I look forward to hitting it again next week!

Its going to be seven degrees above zero today! I am so looking forward to spring. I want to walk outside without eight layered cotton/down combos.

I'm also super psyched. I found my old mentor teachers lesson plans for almost all of high school science/biology save for biology 30. Of course this doesn't mean I can just straight use them. However, it does mean I can find inspiration and ideas from a solid resource. Definitely a great asset.

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