>Stuck in line paying my fees

>Lovely. Huge effing lineup, I'm friggin tired and I want to go home. I have no big plans, most assignments are done…..sigh. I know big deal you have no homework and you want to go home. I'm just tired. Hell I'd sleep on the steps if I could.

I'm all dressed up right now. Our practicum class just went to a junior high to judge a science fair. It was actually quite fun, there was so much fun, and I have to admit, the amount of respect the students gave was quite pleasing. It actually made you feel wanted/important. This only reminds me so much more that there is that merit in education for me. There just seems to be so much conception that students don't want to learn, but then that might be just because I had a skewed view of school. I forget that there is such a need for some students to perform from a variety of sources like parents.

Some of the projects presented were nothing short of amazing. The enthusiasm for science and to perform was much appreciated. This one girl in grade 7 kept saying sorry because she really wanted to present her experiment about asteroids to its fullest extent. And she had every right too! Her analysis for her grade level was astounding and it left me quite happy to see such ingenuity, effort and enthusiasm.

I wonder if I have some weird disorder that makes me overheat easily. As I wait in line, I am sweating wonderfully. Enough to make me uncomfortable. Hmm.

Oh on wednesday I dropped 195lbs of weights on the ground after a failed set. The gym stared and it was super embarrassing. I felt like one of those idiots that grabs too much weight for their own good. Lovely.

I can't wait to go home. Mat and I are having two large meat lover pizzas from pizza hut. Omg.

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