>One hell of a day after the other

>Workout; yesterday- abs was terrible. Phil worked out with me and made me realize just how out of shape I actually was. It was actually pretty bad, but I mean humbling yourself and realizing you need to push yourself that much more is great. It means progress, you know? Today I did six foot bar press and at the seventh set I failed at seven rep. Like I couldn't even get it up to the first rung. I sat up and rolled it down and then stood up and placed it in. Then I tried getting it up to the top rung. And then the weights fell off. Somebody tried to help but it was too late. And then the weights fell off the other side. And the gym probably looked at me like I was the biggest tard in the world. To give myself credit I was pushing myself, but it wasn't like I was with too much weight for my own good. My analysis is that I tried to concentrate on better form and the extra exertion just drained me. But the lesson learned here is that on six foot bar day, I may actually want to get a spotter. Sigh.

I managed to get back into my old high school for my teaching practicum, thanks completely to my super sweet prof, Ada. She's such a nice person, I can't believe it. I was so relieved to get back into a school that doesn't take me 2.5-3 hrs of busing per day. Also my mentor teacher is my old Biology teacher so its actually super awesome.

Today our class went to Hawrelak Park to do some snow ecology and built shelters from the snow. I have to say this was easily one of the funnest mornings ever. My jeans are soaked everywhere from my ankles to my bum and its super uncomfortable on the bus, but it was amazing. We built a big fire, had a weiner roast/s'mores/banana boats/coffee and donuts. I don't care if its not cheat Friday, it was sweet. We went geocaching, built a quinzee which collapsed on us, and played capture the flag. I love my class! Everyone is so enthusiastic and energetic it makes it that much better. Plus Ada's such a sweet teacher that everyone is just completely inspired to work harder in the education field. I'm really going to miss this!

I noticed there are people on the bus with these tiny Sigg bottles that probably hold a cup and a half of water. What's the point of that? Seems stupid to me, it would be gone in a heartbeat after a swig.

I'm so excited to go home, I really need a hot shower and dry clothes.

I'm also really stoked about my dslr purchase! When it happens, I will be stoked out of my mind.

Actually one thing I will do is finish my work tonight so I can focus on getting a car. I have been super jealous of Pierre's STI/Supra and Phil's Supra. I think I would like something sporty for summer, but yet reliable. And in a budget. I'm looking at 93 Toyota MR2. There's a few good bargains to be had, and they look sweet and have really good build especially being a Toyota. I'm actually kind of excited for it. And for not busing everywhere. Zing!

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