>Sunday Workout is boring

>Lena Fuji 藤井リナ is a halfer model from Japan. And I’m totally in love.

Workout- incline decline bench at 75lbs. it is terribly boring, and I’m pretty sure I am not pushing myself at all, especially since I do not do stairs on sunday. I need to research some new exercises to put in to make my body really see some limits pushed.

I realize yesterday’s rant was pretty aggravated, and I do try to limit my complaining and bitching, because nobody likes bitching. But I was really aggravated at the moment, and I’m sorry you had to read that. i am doing a disservice to myself and a disservice to the reason of the anger, by not confronting it, but at this point I do not wish to stomp somebody down into the ground. But I do realize I must at some point make a stance and deal with it as an adult, instead of simply ranting on the side. One day.

The other day I went with my sister and mother to the mall to see some Chinese New Year action. Interestingly enough, there was a lot of neat things happening. The first was the fact that of all the vendors, Lee Kum Kee was there. How asian!

This was a shot of all the bumbling people inside the celebration. I soon left it because the crowd was driving me nuts. A little too busy for me.

This is a pic of my sister’s stalker inside the fun. It was funny actually. I noticed him staring across a booth. When I mentioned this to my sister, she looked up and they made eye contact and hilarity ensued. My sister was not pleased. At all.

This is the awesome cheat friday I had with Penner. We went to Burger Baron and had 40 dollars worth of sweet sweet sin. Swiss burgers with triple patties, jumbo milkshakes that were frickin amazing, and famiyl sized onion rings with a small order of deep fried mushrooms. The onion rings were not that great I will have to remember to order curly fries next time. But the milkshake. It was amazing. Definitely one of my favorite cheat foods right now.

And just for kicks here’s Pierre’s Toyota Supra. His second car. After his Subaru Impreza STI. I have to admit I’m pretty jealous, even though I’m not much of a car fan. Sigh.

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