>Workout: ninety lb dumbbell flat bench press, at 8×8 reps and 5 extra sets to failure. If I can do this, I should have no trouble with the 185 lb six foot bar press and yet it continues to aggravate me. Interesting.

So here comes a pointed and annoyed rant. A) I hate when people cancel on you. Given the seriousness of some situations, its understandable. But the majority of the times its "oh hey I decided not to come. Why? Oh I'm not in the mood." Or "oh I don't have a ride." You don't have a ride? Did you realize that just now? Like ten minutes before we were supposed to meet? Are you stupid? Or just so apathetic about our friendship that it didn't really matter. I swear one day if you realize that all these times you treated these outings as second rate was both annoying and regretful, I have no idea how I will react. Honestly, I'd like to say I'm open for change in attitude, but I'm tired. Just like you, I have limitations on time. And right now you are wasting my time.

B) so when does the expression bros before hoes come into effect? I'm sure some of you have had the shaft from a friend when a plan gets cancelled because the girlfriend decided to do a surprise "me first" opportunity. At any rate, its aggravating to me, because of the obvious feeling of getting the shaft and being second rate, as well as wondering why you would put so much effort into a friendship when you get shuffled to the side for something so trivial like oh she wants to come over. Really? That's a terrible excuse.

Have some conviction. Have some integrity. And if your linear line of thought is the girlfriend before everyone else, that's fine. We all have our priorities. But don't expect anything from me. I will not be there for you when you need it, because you obviously do not feel the same about me. I don't have time to waste on people who do not appreciate it and just the same do not waste time on me. Because I am slowly learning not to care. I think altruistic effort only goes out so far before limitations set in. In a relationship where the effort is one sided, at some point it gives way.

I can only give so much.

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