>I’m so annoyed

>Seriously the most important three months in my degree and I get placed at a school that will likely take an hour on the bus to get to? Really? I can't believe it. Lame. And to top it off, after I requested high school, I get junior high? Wtf. And the worst off, my prof gets the ok for my high school that I really wanted to goto, and suddenly change of plans the dream placement has now been axed in favor of a terrible location. Ok thanks Faculty of Education. Really. Love you guys.

In other news, I'm really burning through those fat layers. My obliques are looking lean these days and I'd say a lot of that is the result of those daily stairs I'm throwing after weight lifting. I love the stairs it makes me feel so accomplished, like I actually did something. Some days after working out, I don't feel the burn, and I feel kind of like I let myself down. Like there was more potential to push myself. That's the beauty of stairs. Only a little is needed to make you feel the deep burn in your muscles that screams for you to stop. I don't need to run endless laps around the track in poor form to feel it. And best of all, I don't need to sprint. I am by far a terrible sprinter. I like distance, but sprinting is something else. I am inherently lazy for sprinting and it irks me at the track when people beat me. Which is inevitable. My build is terrible for running. I'm so glad I found you stairs! Tomorrow I get to do 90lb bench press and stairs! W00t!

I'm pleasantly pleased with the bus ride home. I caught it just as it was leaving, so no wait time. There was plenty of seating to be found. And best of all I caught it before the traffic so I'm on my way home super fast. To play Fallout R. Woo hoo. Also I thought I lost my ring and it fell out of my pants somewhere in the gym and I got it back somehow! I'm so happy about that. I once lost a super sweet ring in a frickin canola field because I took it off the put on sun block and I left it. In a canola field. I was so sad I really liked it.

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