>Wow I’m such a waste of space

>Workout: 195lb six foot bar press- I think next week I will be able to do the full 8×8 but right now I missed the last rep and my form was terrible. I had Phil spot me, and while it certainly was cool to talk to a friend in the gym, I don't think having that safety blanket spotting me is comfortable with me. I can push a little harder with somebody else, and it makes me feel like I am confident when I should be trying to stay in my own safe limits. If I need a spotter its probably too much weight for me.

So I went home, ate a whole bunch of food, and then spent the next like I don't know, 7 hours on the internet, reading reviews, facebook and listening to music. And then eating again. I am kind of disgusted with my apathy for work right now and I think its time to ban my time on the internets again just like during finals. I'm such an online nerd its so stupid. Anyways I should goto sleep. I have a long day tomorrow.
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