>Wow that was nuts

>So I had a crazy project due yesterday that was a lot more work than I expected. It was pretty much lax all week when all of a sudden the weekend happened. I haven't been stressed like that in awhile! I guess I'd also say my work ethic is to blame, I've noticed that its gone down considerably since my 4th year streak. Ah well! I'm quite enjoying my schooling right now, so its not like I'm missing out.

I'm currently awaiting my name to be called for a CAT scan at the hospital. Its my final check on my hand to make sure everything is all healed up and fine. I guess I will have to see my doctor afterwards so he can look at it, in the freaking northside. Its funny how long the road to recovery has been. And that I'm now in the hospital again. At least it isn't for surgery. I'm really light headed right now for some reason. I must get some good sleep tonight.

My workouts have been fine, about the same as the week before. I guess one thing that is exciting is that this coming saturday I will be jumping onto the ninety lb dumbbell flat bench. I feel quite confident with my 85lb press so this should be fun. If I remember right, the ninetyfive lb press back in September was quite taxing on the last two sets, so I will stay at these ninetys for awhile.

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