>Workout(yesterday): abs- still not there at all, but at least I can see some outline of them. This will be one of the hardest to bring back for sure.

Workout (today): bench press with six foot bar at 195lbs at 6 sets of eight and three sets at 7,6, and 5 reps. I definitely think I jumped too fast back into the six foot bar, especially given that I have only now done two workouts with it since October. Oh well, just gotta keep pushing it.

The bus ride this morning was terrible. For some reason, all the fresh snow freaked everyone out, and it took me almost an hour for a routine twenty minute ride. Gross. Also something interesting happened today. You know when you kind of know somebody but not really? Like an old classmate or something? You don't know them enough to talk the entire bus trip, but you know them enough that it would be awkward to not talk to them at all. Yeah I hate those situations. All I wanted to do was listen to some music and read. And enjoy my morning. Gah.

My first assignment from my practicum came back and I did decent on it. The problem with education courses is that they are so straightforward that it is difficult to gauge where you can push your quality past everyone else. Here's a situation where the curve works against you. Uber lame.

Also I totally missed out. Last night I went to study with Sij, and I ate prior to leaving the house. Problem is that my dad totally made one of my favorite dishes, curry beef stew. I have some dishes that just make me salivate the minute I lay sight on them. My list also includes homemade soy sauce chicken, steamed pork buns, and chocolate chip muffins. I do have to say one of my recent new ones that I haven't had the pleasure of consuming on a regular basis is the freshly baked cookies and ice cream sandwiched in between that I had at work. I'm really hungry right now. I think that's another thing I would like to do this year, to learn how to make delicious food so that I can eat it and bask in my obesity. Good thing I'm almost home.

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