>i hate the crap i dont throw away

>Workout- incline decline bench press with 75lbs, and 9 sets of 8 and 7 reps, with a failed last rep and drop on my thigh. WOO!
Diet- dad made this cannelloni/lasagna hybrid, I guess its more of a casserole than anything. But really good and really bad timing. Cause it wasn’t Friday, I couldn’t eat much of it.

Today I went into my closet to pull out my old teaching text books from my introductory practicum. Why? Well first off was that if I do decide to work this year, I will be interviewed by the school board, and according to the workshop I went to on Friday, they will be asking questions on classroom management and assessment. These two are very important questions a teacher should be able to answer as a professional, and I believe that although I have a good idea of what my beliefs are, I do not believe I have the official answers that the textbooks and the general consensus of the professional bodies would agree upon. It is one thing to make the classroom your own, to have your originality and not textbook puke the contents. Its another to go off on your own tangent and use techniques that are not agreed upon or supported by other professionals in the field. This is what I believe is my weakness right now. I do not feel like I have the written answers to their questions, and as a beginner teacher, it will be important to have these down pat. Its something to build upon. Although I believe that the greatest strength is the teacher’s own personal instincts and wisdom, to shun out that knowledge that has been criticized and debated to the point of consensus would be foolish. I can’t simply teach on a whim. Although I feel confident in my own strengths, it would be nice to have the ideas of others in the field. And since I haven’t been in an actual classroom for three years, these text books could come in quite handy.

Therefore, I believe another asset of this blog will be to review some of the ideas in these textbooks and reflect on their applicability in the classroom. I believe this has been one of the best parts of my term in the fall, reflecting on that knowledge I learned in EDPY 497 Teaching Sex Education and EDPS 410 the Ethics of Teaching.

Another thing I am looking forward to doing in the near future, probably around summer is throwing a lot of shit in my room out. I have so much garbage in it, my closet isn’t being used for anything but storage of shit I couldn’t find room to put anywhere. Im talking about notes, fliers, packaging, old food (yeah that’s gross). I can’t wait to do so.

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