>more gagdets are CES

>Workout; 85 lb dumbbell bench press- 8 sets of 8 reps plus 7 reps extra to failure. Woohoo! Definitely on my way back to the old strength, albeit, another month I think is needed before I tackle the final weight. I will likely stay at 85 lbs for the next three weeks before moving onto 90, which I feel should be good for at least another month or so. I want to take my time for the final 95 lb push.

Forgive me for the electronic bubbling, but the Consumer Electronics Show is happening in Las Vegas, and a lot of new and exciting things are happening right now. I have a few hotlinked sweet pictures to share, thanks to the servers of engadget and bub.blicio.us for the host.

First off, its been mentioned before, but I still stand by the Motorola AURA as being one of the sexiest bling phones ever. I really love it. Lots of people hate it, but it catches my eye quite keenly;

Next up is the super sweet VAIO P from Sony which has a very wide ratio screen, and a super cool pixel ratio of 1600×768 resolution. Its really small, has a super cool form factor, and although its not sold as a netbook, who are we kidding the specs are so similar to thigns like the ASUS EEE lineup that it would be a blatant lie to do so otherwise.

Look how long that key board is. The big benefit I could see with this is that its actually thin enough width wise to put in a jacket pocket vs other netbooks. The problem here lies that although it has a ncie big keyboard, it doesn’t have the power to runt he OS, Vista, being offered on it. Intel ATOM is a processor meant for fun and games on the net, not office work. And that’s what I need it for. To do papers at the campus, when Im studying. The last thing I want to do is lug around more weight, and I cant stand my laptop right now, an HP tablet I bought on sale cause it was cheap and was 12 incher. Now that I think about it, 12 inch laptops do not warrant ultraportability, and its 4.5 lb heft pisses me off. Plus it has terrible battery life, and overheats easily. Gross.

Next up is the super secretive DELL ADAMO line. Specs are scarce and apparently it will be released mid 2009. Regardless it looks sexy as hell and I love that full metal exquisite look. The white one is to die for. Well not really, but I love it.

Finally the most exciting release of all, the Palm PRE. This is an amazing looking product, with enough features to make me want to ditch the blackberry. Probably wont happen, I need a better camera, like on the Nokia N97 and would like a nicer screen, but the UI alone on the Palm looks good enough to switch over. Palm has been going down the tubes lately, and this announcement is pleasing to see. It has a HVGA screen (480×320) a slide out qwerty keyboard (physical tactile buttons for the win!) a 3.5 mm jack for music, and most importantly, the UI looks great! Great enough that many are saying its finally the right challenge to the iPhone’s UI. Which says something.

Personally I’m pretty excited to have Palm back, and get that competition going on. It makes for better products and cheaper prices for the consumers, and I’d hate to see them go. Good job Palm!

I’m sleepy no, I shall find some zzz.

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