>Good grief traffic blows

>Exercise; regular friday workout- quite intense today actually. I was sweating bullets like everywhere. I looked like one of those people that smell funny and you avoid on the bus. Which gave me less reason to want to cheat today. But I figure its one day and really I don't want to wait another week to have fun eating. I'm really thinking McDonalds. I'm actually pretty hungry right now. And right now traffic is a bitch, its backed up to the max.

I just want to go home and chill, I'm actually pretty tired. I've acquired a copy of Ip Man, a movie about the mentor of Bruce Lee and it looks pretty sweet. And I can't watch it because I'm stuck on the damn bus because like everyone else on the road, I want to go home. I have some food in my backpack, maybe I should eat it. But there's a no food policy and its like cold rice. I feel a little light headed though, so maybe nourishment is in order. Hells yes traffic just opened up. But why? There was nothing blocking the roads. Hmm and all the roads veining outwards are like open. Wierd. I need food. I feel really self conscious eating on a full bus though. Omg I am hungry.

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