>Where the hell is my 3G network?

>Workout; shoulders at the regular weight plus 4 sets of my super impressive 360 degree pullups.
Diet;um yeah I had the Thai food in HUB. A lot of it. To be fair a large portion is vegetables, and good ones at that. Big chunks of broccoli, carrots and among others bamboo shoots. Lots of them. However there was a lot of white rice and potatoes in their new (well I haven't seen it yet) shrimp curry. But the end result was that it was too many carbs, more than I should have had. My argument is that I stayed up late, so I need the energy to do so. However, sitting on a chair can't possibly use up that many calories. So in the end I'm probably fatter. Lovely.

I think I can officially say I have my normal school sleep pattern back! I was already tired by ten pm last night! Supremo! This is great, hopefully I won't have any more retarded sleepless nights. How joyful it is top have delightful REM sleep. I am quite pleased with myself. Hopefully I will continue to do so. Because when it comes to my practicum I'll have to be up early a lot.

I am particularly excited about tm. I will be trying the 85lb dumbbell bench press tm. I think it should be fine. I don't know if ill make the 95 lb cut by the end of January, but I am quite optimistic. I am however not so pleased with my stomach gut action. I'd like to see that cut down to size. Hopefully its just the three months of no abdominal workouts that my gut is like super gross. But in other news I put my white space invaders t-shirt on today and I was pleasantly pleased with how my chest looked. Only a few more months of hard work and I should be good to go!

The bus is super crowded right now. Some guys crotch is like super close to my face. Lovely.

Yesterday I struck up a conversation with this pretty cool girl at the microwave. While we waited to warm our tubs of calories, the topic of the shitacular lack of microwaves and the severely broken state of the existing ones on campus, and how Education gets so much funding for its students(haha yeah right). I thought that was pretty sweet. I can talk about microwaves!

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