>And it begins

>Workout; 185 lbs six foot bar chest press at 64 reps (8×8) last rep spotted. Nice recovery from three months of not using the six foot bar! I imagine benching my sept max at 205lbs will be within the next 4 weeks.

Diet; a lot of broccoli and a little too much oil.

The stress of school is beginning once more. I have a rather silly yet important assignment that is due this Friday. I am unfortunately not that focused. It is difficult to focus when the classes are so casual and you are graduating like in a few months. I have need to make my commitment not to go on the internet and waste time until the end of the day again, just like finals. I need to focus on this term and go out with a bang. Plus I don't want to be beaten by the twat in my class. I have my computer packed and will be working at school tm, since I obviously cannot work in my room. Yikes! An entire afternoon and evening wasted! Anyways time to try to sleep.

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