>what in the hell Olympus?

>Workout-Abs at the gym today- terribly, I’m totally out of shape in the midsection and I felt like such a slob today. Only time will tell how far I can push this gut of mine.
Diet-Bought some Tabasco sauce to add some kick with 0 calories- unfortunately I bought the chipotle version and it tastes like BBQ sauce. Gross.

Seriously, olympus what is this?

26X OPTICAL ZOOM? WOW. I’m mildly impressed the megapixel war has now escalated into optical zoom war- but at the same time, like the MP war, its relatively lame for the consumer- for the avg consumer, they will see headlines like that and want it to take pictures of like their friends- from across the city. But realistically a long telephoto lens liek this is going to have so many compromises as almost every review states. I’m not going to gush over these ultrazooms like I have in the past- The SP-570UZ was really cool looking, but left a lot to be desired.

Personally I’d love to pick this DSLR up, the limited black and white K-M Pentax;

A DSLR that has the colors of the Imperial Stormtroopers? Hells yes. Pointless purchase? Completely.

Last night I couldn’t sleep again. I hate coming back from the holidays and how I decided to sleep at 5AM every night. I’m a tard.

I’m going to end early and try to find some sleep. Early. Its friggin 11pm.

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