>Blogging on the Bus

>I had the best sleep last night. After two nights of not sleeping, I slept from 11PM until my mother yelled at me to get up 25 minutes until my bus came, almost 7:40am. Sleeping late has never felt so good. I slept through my cell alarm and my alarm clock. Nice. I like waking up early though, the morning, already grumpy as I am, does not bode well when I'm frantically looking for pants.

You know what I hate most about winter? Being really effing cold outside, then getting onto the bus and being really hot. Except I can't take off anything cause its so effing crowded. Heaven forbid you sit on the chair with a heating vent underneath it. I can't wait until glorious summer comes, I've had my share of cold, do not want anymore.

Today we go over lab safety procedures to prepare us for the wonderful world of prepping science experiments that grab the imagination and make engineers, astronauts, doctors and entomologists from teenage angst and MySpace profile whores. Which is pretty neat when you think about it. The snotty kid you used to hate back in grade 4 may end up designing your new Honda.

I'm also really excited about the gym. Today is my first time back at the six foot bar bench press. I am pretty tempted to start high, but I need to not rush this. This exercise usually holds the most danger out of all the exercises I do because the weight cannot be simply dropped to the side if failure occurs. Patience is key here.

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