>Well that was awful

>Workout; biceps at 35lbs- did not complete the 4
Diet; ok more vegetables too much bbq pork- I weigh 162 right now, lowest was 3 years ago at 142lbs- but much more skinny. I was at 156 I think right when the cast was taken off, so the gain was from the holiday eating and probably the body reacting to working out again and bulking.

Todays workout at the gym was neat! I have never had a pump like I did today in my biceps and triceps. I positively felt awesome. I can't wait to shred the sides of fat off my midsection. It will give a better v taper. Overall it was a productive day and I felt really pushed in the gym. And then Jennifer Bong came down to talk. That was cool but I say she is totally gonna ditch the gym after a few weeks! : ) haha well hopefully she won't, cause there's like nobody in there now and its awfully boring.

How was school? Terrible. I didn't sleep at all last night, just on and off bouts, and no REM sleep. So when I went to school I looked like shit, like my eyes were red and puffy and I wore my glasses. I drank a big Starbucks Breakfast blend and that helped somewhat. But yeah I really hope I will fall asleep well tonight.

The people in my classes are pretty cool so far. Mostly down to earth and humorous. But there is this twat who literally dropped these total plug comments, like"that show, are you smarter than a fifth grader? Its easy for me those questions." Who says that? Geeze I wanted to tell her to STFU. Other than that, a really enjoyable class. Our teacher seems to really care about who we are as people and was totally into making it a great learning environment. There was juice, coffee, bagels….stuff that I haven't seen before in the derelict Education faculty. I'm really optimistic about this term, I really feel like I'm part of a team, and that we will be able to debate and learn off each other as well as see new perspectives. Plus there's only 6 credits going to grades this term, so I just need to focus on that component and the marks shouldn't have too much of an effect on the grad school application average. Cool.

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