>In about eight and a half hours it begins

>Workout; incline decline bench at 75lbs
Diet;had a bit more pork than I should have had. I definitely need more vegetables in my diet

I am embarking on my last term ever as an undergraduate at the University. Is that exciting? Yeah I suppose so. Its been a long long journey. I've seen friends come and go, I've seen maturity arise in myself and others and I've also seen myself talking a bit out of my ass since things like maturity have no real definition. But regardless I feel more mature. I feel that I am more critical in thinking, that I do not so quickly accept ideas as facts and that I am also slow to anger. I think more about my actions, what choices I have and what I may best do with them.

I have not become a more intelligent person content wise, in consideration to how much time has been spent in the library or in a classroom cramming. But that's ok. I feel I have taken a great deal from university and I feel accomplished in that sense.

I'm going to miss it, that's for sure. But we cannot dwell in the past. To do so would be to ignore the glory of life around us, and to also miss out on opportunities for my shitty jokes! I just need to appreciate what's to come and how I can make the best out of it.

I'm going for coffee with Tiffany this Thursday. I'm pretty excited about this. She has this perspective on life that is just so fascinating, I could talk to her for hours about the stupidest things but in the end feel as though I've solved world peace. We had Zoology 224 together back in my 4th year and had a little study group with Ryan. Lovely times, times I do miss dearly. Its times like these, hot delicious coffee with an old friend on a cold winter's day that make me really love life.

I'm really worried about what time I will fall asleep today. I'm just lying on the floor blogging right now in hopes that when I get in bed I will be so relieved to lie down I will fall asleep right away. The past three weeks for the holidays have been terrible for me. I've slept consistently at 4-5am every night and woken up at like 1pm every afternoon. I don't know how I'm going to change my biological clock, but I'd better soon, cause I need to be up at 9am in class for 4hrs straight every darn day. I love school. At least I will feel productive, although I bet its not going to be the same a week from now. It happens every year. A week into school I feel terrible for having to always having some thoughts on school in my mind, but then like I settle into routine like a robot, start chugging coffee and its all gravy from there. I love sitting with a big pile of notes, a warm cup of joe and friends to keep my sanity. This will be my last term at hat, albeit if I get into graduate school, it will be a lot more- I'm aiming for course based not thesis based for that reason haha.

Today we went shopping at West Ed, the former largest mall on earth. I hate that mall. Everything is annoying about it. Too many people, too much noise and psycho adolescents unleashed in the mall. Ok its not that bad, and I suppose the teenagers are about as stupid as I was when I hit the food court up with the "crew", but when I shop, I want a quiet enjoyable experience. Today I went to see what was going on in Sony Style, the newly reincarnated form of the Sony Store. Years ago when I was in grade ten I peed everywhere when I saw they were opening in Southgate Mall. Now like nine years later, I look at them with disdain. Overpriced goods and poor quality. Sony's Cybershot line has been one of the most consistent everything is great but image quality in reviews for the past few years and little seems to indicate any change. Gone are the innovative monsters like the DSC-R1 the first prosumer camera with an APS-C class sensor, or the really cool DSC-F88/77 line of pocketbale cameras. Their really awesome Walkman line has succumbed to the Apple throne and offers little in a way to persuade me to switch sides like prior offerings such as the NW-HD5 did. And their computers, once the forefront of desire, offer little to distinguish themselves from the competition especially with their premium price segment. Ill admit a few things caught my eye. I like their HDR-TG1 hi def camcorder as well as the hdr-sr12. I think a full high def camcorder would be swell and might come after my dslr, and these two catch my eye for their good reviews anform factor. The TG1 looks really sweet albeit I would rather sacrifice its gorgeous titanium build for the features of the sr12. The shiny silvery knob on the front? Manual focusing! Forgive me I'm a video n00b, but that's super cool. Plus 10 MP stills means I can take some random snapshots and crop my heart away when I don't have a camera on me. Hence having one of these would be cool. Actually having the TG1 would be better for its carry everywhere size, but the sr12 is not too big either, albeit really plasticky.

I'm also a huge fan of the new Vaio TT, their ultraportable. At two grand its not cheap and certainly in heat with the Macbook Air. One had full aluminum body, a thiness that makes the wow happen, bigger screen and keyboard and a operating system to die for. The other has a full carbon fibre body (top to bottom, which I don't think previous gens had, just the lids), an optical drive, remova battery and a size and weight that makes me cry a little.

Of course neither of these are in my budget right now, and won't be for a long time, but one can hope, can't they? : )

Ok I've gushed enough I hope I can goto sleep now!

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