>Better days

>Workout yesterday; incline/decline bench press at 75lb dumbbells

Workout today; biceps at 35lbs

Diet; mucho burrito steak- its ok there's a lot of good stuff in it I don't care haha.

I'm feeling a lot better. This is likely due to me not being sick. So fare I've been having a fairly good day, albeit I am not exactly going to sleep early as intended. I hate getting up at noon, I feel like I've wasted my day. But that's been me the past two weeks. Do you know how awful it is to see daylight only 3 hrs? Its lame, I feel like a slob haha.

I'm getting better and better with my physique. My workouts are becoming easier and I'm seeing my gains shoot fast just like back in september pre-injury. I can't wait for the big guns on the 95lbs. My chest feels unhollow and much fuller now I am quite pleased. I am not pleased with my gut but that will come when I hit the gym next week and have my abs day back on Tuesdays.

Today Will and I went to mucho burrito for dinner. I like it cause there's lots of food, literally like a foot long burrito. But its filled with veggies, beans, guacomole and fresh cooked meat. It felt good. Like I'm full good.

I'm excited for the New Year's. We are planning on hitting up this old fast food joint turned into real Chinese restaurant. I also get to see the friends and have a blast.

I am like really awake right now. I'm going to turn this off and try to go to sleep. Good night!

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