>Didn't do my update yesterday

Workout boxing day; regular friday workout at 60lbs

Workout today; 8 sets of 8 reps at 75lb dumbbell chest presses but potentially 9 sets because I am a tard and didn't write my last set down.

Today I had a great meal at pagolac. Its a nice location on the south end of the city with a good atmosphere and a clean setting. I enjoyed the waitress for being there just enough to get my order and see if everything was fine but not breathing down my neck.

I decided to have the biggest rice vermicelli dish available because it looked like it had tons of meat. Terrible for my diet but I'd rather eat meat than tons of carbs in chow mein. Actually come to think about it, the rice vermicelli was pretty much what I was trying to avoid. Oh well. I liked it. Matt had a rice vermicelli dish as well but also sweet and sour pork. And by the end of the day he was bending over with overeating pains. Terrible!

We had a really great talk about the upcoming semester and where our priorities were, something that has been just itching under my skin everytime I see the social life dip lower and lower as time progresses.

Afterwards, we went to Hawrelak park and joined Albert and Jia so we could chase each other silly. In the end it was a completely pointless but fun adventure on the ice. Like old times.

Howard met up with us and we hit up good olf Tim Hortons 24 hrs open on campus styles. To think I even considered and tried studying at Tim Hortons before is funny. It has everything I hate; fluorescent lights and terrible study food. Plus I hate the tables. I made some excellent models of Star Wars Rebel Alliance vehicles and interrupted serious conversations about the meaning of film. I'm so cool.

Matt also got me Fallout 3 for the xbox 360 for Christmas! Excellent! Because I'm not already distracted enough by my Dead Space campaign. Haha. I'm pretty stoked about it, there seems to be a lot of hype about it.

Also I got a super awesome watch from my mom for Christmas! W00t!

Finally the fact that I'm now at 75lb dumbbells is a good sign I should be at full strength like I was in September by 3-4 weeks. I am so excited to have my chest and arms back! Excellent!

I'm going to watch some movies now. Good night!

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