>Workout 16 sets of 8 reps at 70lbs chest press

Diet; I ate a lot today it Christmas eve and tm will be the same.

Frustrated that problems happen and I literally cannot do anything about them. I feel so powerless and in a belief firmly entrenched in equal input from all parties involved, its terrible to just waste away in my venting. Plus you know dialogue builds community and right now that's not happening.

I'm so mad I could hit something , but we all know what happens when I hit something.

My hand is recovering nicely and perhaps most exciting is that I am finally getting the strength back to hit that chest press with everything I had in september. I took a long time to get through today but i am confident I can hit the 75lb dumbbells on Saturday for the super set press where I can train to get back onto the big guns, like where I was on Sept at 205lbs on the six foot bar and 95lb dumbbells for chest press at 64 reps.

Anyways in other news I feel very attracted to somebody whom I know would never work out with me. How frustrating is that? Sometimes I wish there weren't these feelings so I could go about my daily routine and not actually give a darn.

I hope this doesn't put a damper on the Christmas cheer.

I just remember all the terrible holidays I've had in the past. Like the one when I sat through a movie and found out the girl I liked a lot was……..

Ok let's cut that self pity story out of there.

I'm going to zone out and listen to some tunes.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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