>Workout; biceps at 30lbs
Bad food; dinner at bisteca had the house cheesecake and an overpriced game hen. I'm sorry Miyuru I'm not balling like you to appreciate that shit.

Is the stigma of simply stupid unmotivated uninspired and apathetic personalities in Education going to follow me forever? Its like I see this everywhere still. Owen said here is a challenge you can take; endurance of societal ridicule.

Despite this, I find it difficult not to protest when I hear remarks like " why do you need to study for finals? Isn't Education just a 2.0 gpa to pass?"

Its like its great just to pass! Why? Are we all that nonchalant to care about personal performance and challenges? Or are we just stupid as a faculty and lack the intelligence to get anything above a pass?

Disgusting. I hope I make my applications.

Also, my chest still feels inadequate.
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