>Terrible News


Incline/decline dumbbell press at 65lbs for 10 sets at eight reps.

Today I went to Jennifer Bongs birthday at Milestone's. I decided to try to stick with moderately healthy and ordered the chicken breasts with portobello mushrooms and vegetables with garlic mashed potatoes. So far so good right?

Well we decided to goto Marble Slab Ice Creamery and all hell broke loose. I had two scoops of ice cream, the cream and birthday cake flavors. Pretty damn good I must say, but the greatness soon just went away about a third way in. At this point it became just eating and not enjoying. I can see why I'm still chubby in some areas, sigh.

Then after that we went bowling and had birthday cake which I ate like a lot of pieces. I'm terrible at this diet thing right now. Its not even of a diet I'm ruining my lifestyle haha. Sigh.

Also I think I have the itch for a new phone already! @_@ Maybe an xperia x1 or a touch pro albeit the itunes sync on the blackberry bold is very lovely as is its speed.

Chow for now!

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