>So I figured instead of just tracking it on paper I would track my daily progress on my blog and keep this blog alive amidst the chaos of facebooks aftermath. Today I finished 10 sets of eight reps of dumbbell chest presses at 65lbs. Needless to say its a far shot off my 95lb dumbbell presses at 64 reps in September but that's ok that's a start from my eight sets I did on wednesday.

I am particularly excited about the progress that has been made with my right wrist, and upper body overall. It looks like I'm getting over that critical mass of dead beat structure. It is a lot easier to do my workouts now since I've started again on tuesday.

Today was a terrible day for eating as will likely. be a trend throughout the holiday season. As much as I want to have a solid build again, I also want to enjoy my last free christmas as an undergrad.

So stomach line be damned if there are shortbread cookies on the table I am eating them.

Today I had dim sum with the guys at this shady Chinese restaurant. Ok not so shady, but there was a murder there once. The food was great, I hadn't had dim sum in months, literally last summer. Afterwards we went to this church to carve turkeys for their upcoming dinner for the less fortunate. I have to say its kind of terrible that something so easy as that can help those in need even just a little, but people don't do anything because the thought never occurred to them or they are terribly lazy. Although I do feel sympathy, feelings are nothing if they don't accumulate into action and for this reason I am shamed!

Literally I see all these horrible events on the media and really I can't make a terrible difference but at least I can try right? How horrible is it that I have all the time in the world and certainly am not among the less fortunate, and yet all I can do is send a thought? I'm glad I did something today even if it wasn't intentional. At least it made me aware of how easy it is to put in an extra hand.

Also today I had a terrible amount of dumplings Jia's mom made and some curry beef stew and roasted vegetables. I ate enough calories to feel bad . Like I'm going to workout twice bad. Which is why I just did a shoulders workout. So much for killing Sam with better bod by Januarys end! We have this bet going on of who's going to look most improved. Given the improvement I've made in a week I feel pretty confident ;p hahaha.

Anyways I'm off to play some video games and wash up.

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