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>So I figured since I had some data action going on with my very sweet blackberry bold, I'd actually update my blog on daily rants and happenings, something I'm not going to post on facebook.

Today I finished my last real final undergrad exam. I didn't feel so awesome truth be told. That's probably because today was five days after my super hard astrophysics exam and in comparison I had way too much time to study for my edps exam. Plus it didn't help that one of my arguments on the essay portion might be totally wrong. Damn.

Anyways I had coffee with my prof which is interesting that he has taken a personal interest in me. Maybe that means he will overlook my mistake on the exam? Haha. Its always nice to talk to somebody who is obviously way more experienced than you. Plus he's pretty chill. It will be interesting to see how things turn out next year.

This term was one of the most interesting I've had in a long time. It was filled with lots of seminar styled classes, great for debate and developing my communication skills and for tackling courses which were not just rote memorization. I met lots of cool people and made some potentially good friendships. Furthermore I developed the friendships I already had which was a nice plus. We got closer in many ways.

However I unfortunately have lost out on some friendships and I can't quite pinpoint how I would have avoided this. Its a matter of growing apart as my university career comes to an end and I start looking into outside options. It is not a change I look forward to. I want to stay the way things are now but I can't. It is unfortunate but it is the next stage of life I must take. Sigh.

In other news I am now concentrating on getting a Nikon D80 before stock runs out. It will be fantastic, finally having my own DSLR. Also I will be hopefully getting the ok nod from physio tm that I can start working out again. Tm marks a grand beginning getting back in shape, dieting properly and getting the most out of my somewhat unchallenged life.

Thanks for reading!

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