>Sexy times with Nokia, my new best friend


That’s so hot. Red and black…..droooooool. But hotter still is this shot, a Nokia n82 and n95 8gb. Too bad the n82 looks a bit cheap. That n95 8gb looks darn good too, but the lack of a xenon flash is a downer. Plus the n82 is reviewing as blazing fast in terms of operations. Thats a major downer with my current Nokia, the e62. Its wicked for typing texts and such, but its so so so slow.

The first phone is straight up sweet. Its a 5mp camera phone from Softbank, a Japanese cell phone carrier. Unfortunately, although GSM, its only 900mhz. But it looks very very sweet. The combination of red and black is undeniably lust. Hehe.

The second phone is THE phone to get. If the Samsung one was the style and substance of Japanese only markets, the Nokia N82 is the substance available to the North American GSM market. I say substance only because it has great features, namely a damn fine camera, but it looks a bit on the tacky/plasticky/cheap side. Nokia says this is for fashion whores that want function too. I’m not sure which fashion whores consider shiny plastic as fashionable, but whatever. To each his own.

Its not officially available, but can be bought locally, i.e. through Markways.com or of all places, DELL.ca, where they sell Nokias for some reason.

The below shot shows just how well the xenon flash works on this phone indoors. This is the key area I think most cell phones miss out. Most reviews state- oh the phone takes good pics when you have good lighting. But really the idea is that most impromptu shots occur indoors. Like when you are studying. And somebody does something stupid. Like Laruen. Ha ha. Anyways the flash is nice. Of course it doesnt compare to bounce flash with my Nikon, but who cares. I’m not looking for serious shots, I’m looking for a good Kodak moment shot.

Anyways, the Nokia n82 is the best camera phone available right now period. In tests against mega competitors, like the Sony Ericsson K850i, and Samsung G600, there is no comparison. The photo quality with and without flash shows a clear difference. I’m not sure what it is though.

I seriously doubt thats a real Carl Zeiss lens on the n82, (and for that matter how did Nokia get a partnership with Carl Zeiss, when CZ is partnered for Sony’s Cybershot line? Weird). Anyways, its a solid phone.

Just look at this outdoor shot, its gorgeous. Of course this is also not magnified at a 100% crop, but considering this is a camera phone, its sure impressive. Of course it wouldn’t compare to the cameras that I shoot with, but basically the idea is that it suits me perfectly for what I wanted- a camera thats with me at all times. I had considered buying another point and shoot just to keep in my pocket for those impromptu moments, but its another thing that I won’t carry all the time, cause my pockets are already full. As well its another chunk of money spent on a camera that doesn’t add any performance to my shooting gear, and certainly takes away credit for spending on lenses/flashes. Basically the n82 does what I need. Good photo quality for snapshots. Nothing seriously needing to be shot with it, but for those moments, like say Lauren writing “LES” on the ceiling with a heart around it.

Anyways, that phone is for the summer to be purchased. Its way too much for me right now, but drop it about 150 or so, and its perfect. Its a lot for a phone, but its also a camera too.

Anyways another thing- I’m totally loving the n800. Its not just an internet tablet, it acts as a media player and a whole bunch of other things. I guess the biggest is internet and it does it well. Instant on, and renders websites perfectly. Unfortunately flash heavy sites suck on it, but whatever.

Anyways enough of this electronic talk, I’m out.

Images courtesy of thenokiablog.com and mobile-review.com

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