>I love you nikon


every now and then something comes onto the market that really grabs my eye. In this case it is the Nikon P5100. Paired with the SB-400 flash it is a dangerously wicked combo. Its too bad that Nikon still hasn’t figured out how to make a low light focusing tool that focuses as fast as my Canon S3is, or for heaven’s sake, any Panasonic camera but oh well. How is it possible that Nikon, the #2 camera brand, is unable to make a faster processor than a company that makes microwaves? Who knows.

Fortunately most of my shots are still life, and macro, at which the Nikon excels. Its capable of the bokeh effect, a soft blurring of the background, quite readily. This is possible with the S3is, but difficult to achieve, and well DSLRs easily achieve this. In the Nikon, it is simple to implement, and quite satisfying.

It is unfortunate that such a small camera/flash combo, perfect for indoor outings and the large amount of Christmas parties coming up, is piss poor for focusing indoors, but oh well. Its quality means I just have to work around it.

Anyways, just wanted to say I’m a Nikon whore. I love you Nikon. I can’t wait till PMA 2008. The Nikon d90 is rumored to be unveiled and shes the one I’m gunning for.

Also a Nokia e61i or N82 is also in the somewhat near future. I love my E62, but wifi and a simple cameraphone would be tight on the e62 formfactor. Do I want a nice camera on my phone or do I want a mini laptop? Hard. But seeing images of from the n82, its hard. They look great, but it looks like a lot of processing has occured, and details are lost, when the pictures are shown real size. I guess that the compromise with cell phone cameras, even if they have the latest and greatest, they still cant compare to a dedicated camera yet. But still, impressive for something in a cell phone.

Anyways time to peace this joint. I have crap due on Tuesday. Woot.

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