>A new summer

>This summer is different. Different than the rest. Im enjoying it, but I miss my kids. A lot. Im so sad I’m not blogging anymore. Well as frequently. To anybody who is still reading this scrap book, Fanks.

Anyways, just a few words. I feel like I’ve hit a plateau right now, in everything. I have no motivation. Period. For somebody who is goal oriented in approaching life, this sucks the big one.

Working out has no motivation. I feel like Im not making progress anymore. I have no motivation to push myself harder. I find I’m making excuses for my lack of drive.

Art has no motivation. By this time last summer, I would have finished around 5-6 pieces of art at least. Pieces of art I would have loved. This summer- 1 piece. And its not finished. Its not even half way done. I have no drive to finish it. I have no artistic spark, nothing to drive me to the end.

Even life has no motivation. I dont feel like I’m “seizing the day” crap. Last summer, I was jumping for joy everyday. EVERY FRICKING DAY. I was happy. I was excited. I was excited to be alive. Even if I didnt know what was coming at me, I was excited. Everyday was a great day.

This summer, nothing.

Nothing. I feel fine. Like Im not sad or anything, I’m just complacent, satisfied with what Im doing, but lacking any drive to push myself in any manner.

I miss my kids.

Oh and btw this entry has a very emo-esque feeling to it. I didnt meant to write it like this. In no way am I sad. I’m just wondering if I made the right choice.

Also in other news, next week looks promising. I’ll keep you updated on it.

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