>HAPPY 2007! A new year and term comes, and along with that, more tears. IM SO EMO.

>Turkey Trot 2006 (thanks Van)

What a year!Interestingly enough Im not much of a blog whore anymore. I’m not sure what it is, but a year ago I was blog master and celebrating the creation og my new blogger account after a disastrous episode on my previous blog. Anyways, this is another year 2007, and I haven’t doen anything in my blog to celebrate it! Last year I had the collage and a whole summary of the year or something like that. And this year? I didn’t even finish my blog entry from the day I got back from Lethbridge. Maybe I’m just lazy. Or maybe I realized that nobody cares about what I am writing. Actually I don’t know why I even write this blog. Maybe I do. Well and maybe some of you do as well. This entry is for you. Thank you. I know I can be an emotional gushy person sometimes and this is one of those times. On my blog. Thanks for being there for me all these times and listening to my problems. I regurgitate a lot that’s on my mind on you guys and I want to thank you for not bashing me in the head and telling me to shut up. Anyways let me finish this entry I started during the break. (Sigh, its not the break anymore)

Sigh, today I am fighting off a very bad cold. This not only makes me feel physically weak, but also compounds the fact that I have been physically inactive for almost a month now. I did weights for a few times, and ran once, but what is the real kicker in working out, is consistency. And that I have generally failed in. Sigh, oh well. New Years Resolution for 2007- Lose 8 pounds. In order to do that, I really need to get over this plateau I have hit, and everything must count. So basically I am seeing a much more controlled diet, which in addition to a consistent workout regime, will enable a much more healthy lifestyle. It’s the feeling that I am doing something good for my body that I want, since I’m going to be using it for the next 80 years.

Anyways, what a term. I mean really, WHAT a term! This has easily been the best year of my life. I have never felt more in control of my actions, more responsible, more, well I guess adult like. I think one of the big things about university life is not just a simple academic gain, but rather finding out who you really are, and becoming that person. I might have the humor level of a high school boy still, but I definitely feel that something has changed. I don’t know what it is, and cant specifically pinpoint it, but something happened this year. It might have been from work, from school, or from family/friends. But I definitely feel good. And if you haven’t noticed already, I am ecstatic about what has been accomplished, and what lies in the future.

Let me recap some of the awesome things about 2006.
1) Student teaching was amazing. I finally got to sit in the cockpit of the airplane I had been dreaming of flying all these years. Although requiring a lot of energy to organize the lessons and such, teaching was awesome. Its nothing I would scoff at, but it certainly didn’t feel much like work to me. I mean marking was a pain, and worrying about finishing lesson plans in time was nice and stressful, but finally being able to put my creativity to lesson plans and getting in front of the class and getting back into the school social was awesome.

2) The classes were great in Winter ’06. I met lots of cool Education students, and had a blast getting screwed by the stupid Education profs who admitted themselves that the IPT course load was the most stressful term for Ed students. Funnily I had much more stress that term than my terms in the Faculty of Science (another retort to the jerk that scoffed at the mediocre level of Education classes). GPA dipped a bit cause of this, but all in all a great term.

3) Summer KICKED ASS. I had the two best jobs I have ever had in my life. Steeps was awesome, I had awesome coworkers, awesome customers, awesome Whyte ave fun and also awesome free time to do art during dead times. But perhaps most important to me that summer was the wonderful opportunity I was given from the inner city children to work as a program instructor. I learned so much more than my IPTl, on dealing with problems with classroom management, inspiring the children to learn, developing rapport with them, and perhaps all in all an overall satisfying experience/feeling that perhaps some of them have been inspired to move on with their lives despite the dismal conditions they live in. This pretty much put my foot down on education as the door to enter. I mean its not 100 percent as I will mention later, but it definitely is something I absolutely love to do. I mean its not even work for me. Its like running or something. It can be tiring, but I anticipate the very act of it. It doesn’t feel like work to me. Its just natural.

4) My birthday kicked ass. Thanks to everybody that came to my 21st. I had tons of fun and yeah. Awesome. You can see pics from the bash in the archives.

5) My workout program finally took off. I managed to commit myself to a proper cardio running program and I feel so much more healthier. There’s still kinks in it, but overall a very satisfying experience. In fact the biggest problem with it now is that I cant run outside right now cause its so darn cold. More on that later.

6) Fall term 2006 kicked ass. I took 4 very interesting courses. 1 was with a weiner prof but the rest were amazing. I had a ton of fun learning all this new content, and met some very cool people, and strengthened friendships. On top of all the studying, I managed to keep my running program and still hang out with a partial social life. I mean running was sort of lame that I had to cut out outdoors running and stick with track, but overall it was something I’m not afraid to be proud of. Every year I stop working out during school cause I cant discipline myself enough to manage so many things at the same time. But this year was the year. I miss it so much. I really hope this term turns out as amazing as last term. I kept physically in shape (although I will bitch about this later), developed stronger friendships/made new friends, and boosted my GPA to an all time high. I was ecstatic when the term finally ended and yet saddened because I was losing all that I had worked so hard to keep.

7) Christmas was good. Visited family in Lethbridge and had a good time seeing old familiar places. Chilled with friends and had some very fun times.

8) I forgot to mention that I made some great doors open up for possibilities in the second love of my life, Entomology. I’m just not sure if that’s what I want to do with my life. I mean it seems more of a hobby and less of a life choice. Education would be more rewarding, both to me and to what I can give to society. I do not believe we were created to simply create the best life as possible for ourselves. I would like to think that when I die, and well we all will, that I have done my best to give something to this world, and put my life to a non-selfish cause.

Sigh now the problems. Granted I KNOW these are very superficial problems, but I like to talk and well type a lot and spill a of beans, so here I go again. I think I gained some fat during the term, or at the very least didn’t shed anything during the term. During school I was way too hyped over studying and didn’t eat properly (vs summer where I had time to bug out and eat properly/workout and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, and not just workout only) The other problem is that I still need to manage time better. For instance this week I have studied like 6 hrs at most. Granted I know it’s the first week, but I want to cover my tracks when midterm week comes. Mine blows. I dunno.

So I guess for 2007, in terms of fitness I will;
1) Keep a daily log of all the food I eat, and ensure that only 5 cheat items per week happen.
2) Lose 6 lbs.

Whats great about this term? I have classes in CAB again! I have so many warm fuzzy memories of CAB from first year, in Winter term, when spring comes, and the sun is shiny and warm and I’m outside frolicking/basking in its glory. Err….yeah. I feel so nostalgic. I’m digging out old music that brings back that 1st year freshman feeling again. Sigh. Mushy side kicking in again.

And finally I am determined to destroy this term with hard work and diligence, if more than last term. That means I must sign off. But at any rate, HAPPY 2007!!! And good luck this term and year!

Sorry, let me end off with this pic. YOU AND I ARE FRIENDS.I dunno if I have posted this before, but this is an awesome bag i found at Dory’s house. I was so tanned during summer. Wow. I miss summer. I cant wait to be outside running again.

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