>Be still my beating heart. (and i love Java Jive)


^Is this not the sexiest laptop ever? EVAR? Zomg i want it. Too bad its a South Korea only product. And also, is the use of the word sexy with a technology product wrong? Laine told me she cringed when i said the Samsung p207 was sexy. She told me to stop. And like use the word “nice looking”. And I did. But I still think that phone was sexy. I want it. Like I want a lot of things. Like a big bowl of Frosted Flakes. In fact I bought two boxes this week. Hehe. >__<

I finally finished second set of midterms after having a big fun roller coaster ride since they began. I swear sometimes turning on my living room lights gives me an anxiety attack, after remembering all the late nights I spent there cramming. Its funny, as there was only 1 exam this term that I truly crammed for. Everything else was smooth sailing, as I started studying 3-4 weeks before the exam. And yet, because it has been so engrained into my head for the past 16 years I have been in school, that I always leave stuff last minute, and as a result, am one of the worst cases for test anxiety. Ask Penner about that. I think he’s seen what happens when I have an exam enough this term.

Thursday was a real drag for me, because I realized that all the studying I had done for my entomology exam was in vain, because my notes were so craptacular. Basically I spent a very crappy day smashing notes into my brain, and then at night, refusing to wear anything but boxers and a t-shirt so I would be freezing (and not fall asleep accidentally as a result). I hate going back to my old ways. And then on Friday it bombed. Like mad. The tears run still in my heart.

The scary thing is that I’m becoming quite close to my professor, something I should have done with my previous entomology professor. Both of them are highly in love with the insect world, and are also amazing teachers, two things I hold in high regard. Unfortunately the height of my relationship with my previous professor was singing Christmas carols to his family and then discussing the intricate pathways of an entomology themed Christmas card. I really liked him and should have done more because it would have been an excellent way to put my foot into the doorway of entomology. Although I am no longer interested in entomology as a career (due to a realization on how much I love working with kids), I still would like to consider having it as a side option, as my second life.

What is scary is that he now pulls me aside and talks to me about really fantastic journal articles that eventually end up going past my head, because I was always a little more into insect behavior, and not genetics. But the scary part is that now that he knows who I am, it really blows monkey chunks when you don’t do so hot on an exam, because you feel like you’ve let a friend down or something. I hope I didn’t bomb that midterm, but it almost feels like I did. 😦

Somebody hug me please.

I still remember my first real entomology book, “Exploring the World of Insects” by Adrian Forsyth. Gosh darn I loved that book. And soon after “Life Above the Jungle Floor” by another entomologist. I would sit there after reading some fascinating story like the toxicity of rove beetles (even in comparison to banana spider and Indian cobra venom!) and dream that one day I would also be free of this piece of crap city, and living in some canopy shelter in Costa Rica.

But fast forward to the future and now that I have had a real taste of the teacher’s perspective, its all I am gunning for. I can’t wait. In a few years I may have my own classroom and 30 eager brains ready to learn about baking soda/vinegar volcanoes, birds of prey and why it isn’t nice to pick your nose in public.

Anyways, I’m working on my laboratory project, which really isn’t that hard, but its taking up a lot of my time, and I hate working on assignments. I’d rather be studying, because that’s so much easier, and gratifying, shoving bits of knowledge in my feeble brain and actually learning/having fun.

This is easily the best term I have ever had. I have no regrets about the classes I chose. I love them all and they intrigue me so. I just hate labs.

Also I picked up a new camera last night, so I’m pretty excited. It kicks so much butt, it should be in Street Fighter. I think one day I want to take up photography as a hobby, and with just as much passion for my artwork. Which reminds me that I haven’t touched clay sculpting in a long time. Maybe I will get back into that this holiday.

Did i mention that I love Java Jive? My first coffee there was a piece of crap that tasted like rubber with butt smell dip. But after that disgusting experience, I have to sya their flavored coffee is so good, particularly Coconut Cream, which unfortunately they do not appear to have anymore, because darn Toffee Butter keeps coming back. But really. I love you Java Jive. You keep me warm during exams.

Anyways I have to go back to this stupid thing. I hope to finish it tonight and forget about it. Because tomorrow we are going tobogganing YEAH. And Indian cuisine. I love holidays. In Christmas, we are going to make a turkey and from scratch too! Everything is going to be from scratch. Oh man I love Christmas.

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  1. >I am back…but I have to study now.. but we will be in touch…

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