>Looking back 3 weeks ago

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This was my crew. These guys made my summer so amazing. I know we are not supposed to pick favorites, but these guys rock. And so does Jazzmine. Ever meet somebody with a name like that? I haven’t. That’s so cool. She almost looks like she should be one of the kids and not a program instructor. Jokes. I kid I kid.

My friends from work. We had tons of fun. Really, this summer……..AHHHHHHHHHH. DARN YOU SCHOOL.
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The very last day on the playground. With my friends. And then school started. AND THEN SCHOOL STARTED. What’s wrong with this sentence? “school”
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Our year end party at Dorrie’s. Sigh I can’t believe that’s already done and gone with.
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We quite enjoy making weird faces at the camera. I really liked her house. I sort of wanted to take it from her, but I don’t think her fiancé would be pleased.
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So basically today I went to go run at the Butterdome and the darn thing was packed with volleyballs and people wielding the volleyballs. Really, nothing peeves me more than missing a run. I feel like fat if I don’t run. And so I was really ticked, cause hitting the weight room just isn’t as satisfying. And then this uber friendly lady at the east wing gym told me about the ice rink. THE ICE RINK. It is the BEST frickign running spot EVAR. I knew I wouldn’t get in the cardio machines, which I already hate because it smells up there, and there’s always somebody looking at you, waiting for their turn. Not to mention it is actually impossible to get a spot, unless you sign up in the morning, like at 8 AM. I woke up at 8 AM. Wtf. So anyways, this place kicks ass. I’m getting ready for the Turkey Trot this Saturday and I want to be ready for cold weather, as if this day is any indication of what’s to come, the weather is going to be cold cold cold.

So anyways, this rink kicks ass. Its freezing inside, so you really can find your niche in it, if you are trying to adjust for cold weather. I put on some Rocky IV soundtrack on, and away I went. Very good run today.

And finally another pic of me when I was kidnapped and locked in Miyuru’s Toyota trunk. It was lots of fun. Really.

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Also, I’ve been thinking a lot for the past week or so, and I think I am overthinking. I think if there was
Happy holidays! I’m off to studying again.

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  1. Metapod says:

    >There’s no such thing as thinking too much. It’s only when it’s all about Pokemon that it becomes bad. So really… Jia’s a bad thinker.

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