>Yay for school. Yes? No?

>Basic English for Japanese 101

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OMG – I’m cleaning my room and slowly adjusting to the nagging feeling I should be buying my textbooks and reading them. I can’t stand this. Right now all I feel is that I wished summer was back again. I mean its great to be back seeing everybody again, but OMG SCHOOL SUCKS. I’m already stressing and wondering how I am going to work around the WORST f-bomb midterm schedule ever. Like really lame midterm schedule. Of course it could be worse. I could be …wait. No. It can’t be worse. I hate school.

I’m thinking of taking the year off when I finish my 4th year. I know school isn’t the worst thing to happen to my life, and certainly isn’t bad at all in terms of why I am here (as well as my having made the choice of being here). But really, after a freaking fantastic summer this year, the contrast makes me want to hurl, quit school, and then roll around in my hurl.

I think if I took it off this term, it would be way too sudden, and I’m not ready for that. I’m also not ready for finding last minute employment, and also I think taking it off, while I have 2 years left would be rather crappy. I think I might not come back, because 2 years sounds like a lot of class. (I know all you med and grad student hopefuls are going to have a crapload more, but well, whatever floats your boat)

If I took it off, I might do the teach English in Japan, which has always been one of my dreams, to goto Akihabara district and see all the goodies, see all the sights and such. Maybe I’ll see why somebody made the above picture too! Ew lets hope not.

Anyways other news. I bought all my new boxers, as my boxers currently are too large for me. They fall off my hips, especially if I run, or wear pants without some ways of anchoring them to my waist via string or belt.

My iPod is still dead. Its improved a bit, so it seems to be good enough to still use it at home as my stereo. I have doubts about using it as my runner music DAP. I can’t wait till the 12th. The next iPod should be announces then, so I might check that out. I really need a good DAP for working out.

Also, I ran the other day with Vanessa to the legislature and that was really fun. I know I wouldn’t have been able to do that last year, because I did all my training at night, and was used to the cool atmosphere. Well after all my hot weather conditioning, I pulled it off, and I also did some talking which I have never been able to do with before. I used to flat out say no to running with other people, both because of the added stress of competition (I know I shouldn’t think like that, but it seems natural almost when running in a group, not to want to be the last one), and also the fact that when people run, they want to talk. I simply was not in the shape to run and talk at the same time. I can now run and talk! And run with other people, which I guess would be required for point 1, unless I was talking to myself. And Vanessa was really good at running. Like really good. I didn’t know that.

I think I made my goal for fitness this summer, and now my goal is to completely strip all belly fat off, and hope for better abdominals. Really, my biggest goal is to run all term. I know classes are going to get in the way, especially around exam time. If I can get in at least 4-5 runs a week, it will be good. I feel like crap if I don’t get my run in.

In the meantime I will listen to sappy love songs from 10 things I hate about you. I love that movie. Julia Stiles is so cool.

Anyways I have to finish cleaning my room. It’s a tad bit messy.

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