>sigh, time for ipod heaven

>After spending just over 2 years pounding my iPod to my runs/workouts/everyday commuting between classes, the little guy has gone to iPod heaven. Or wherever iPods go when they die. Maybe even the trash. Its too bad though, cause this iPod has been with me everywhere, and it has the best user interface I’ve ever used.

Recently, I enacted a little hubris action, and boasted that my iPod was still ticking. Unfortunately, sigh, i spoke too soon.

Woke up this morning after a hard night of not paying attention to what I was doing, and in much need for a good workout session. (Like for real. I had so much fat yesterday I feel like a fat piece of loser right now)

Put the ipod on dock.

Scroll wheel acting funny, a bit slow to respond. So I reset it a few times, and its still acting sluggish. This worked before, so now that it isnt, starting to get worried.

It clicks, but no response from scrolling.

Take apart iPod in desperation, something I never ever wanted to do (after destroying my beloved sharp mt-770, i vowed never to do do-it-yourself crap again)


Look up ilounge, and wow, a lot of people have this problem, like recently, just back in June 06 for 4th gen ipods.

Sigh, now i’m trying out all the gimmicks.

Its too bad, because I can’t afford another ipod, and really I can’t stand the UI of other mp3 players for what I use my ipod for. (running, stereo).

Nw-hd5 playing on speakers now, sounds craptacular comapred to my old ipod setup.


Hopefully I can fix it. If not, there’s rumors of the new iPod nano getting an aluminum body remake ala iPod mini, but smaller. Thats coming up in a few days.

Sigh, good times iPod. Thanks for the memories.


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