>OMGROFLBBQLOlROFLCOPTER. I scored among a certain percentile in my faculty . Like awesomeness. I have never done this. LIKE EVER. FRICK. I’m very happy. Like REALLY FREAKING HAPPY. Why is this summer so good? I keep thinking that something bad is going to happen, with all this happiness being dumped on my lap.

“knock on wood noise”

Well first off I deleted the camping pics, because they were so darn big they made my own computer crash. If you want them, you know I have them. Anyways, what is new with me? Well the last few days before school are winding to an end quite soon, and with only a few more things planned, school is bound to hit me right in the face very very fricking soon. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. Even though this term seems to be a very freaking awesome term, its still school, and I feel the pressure already. The bad thing about having a really darn good summer, is that in contrast, school seems even worse than before. I really don’t look forward to stressing and feeling every darn minute I should be doing something useful, like say studying. Sigh. Maybe this is the bad thing coming. School. Puke.

Hah ha. I seem to be totally asian this summer and finding really good deals everywhere. A few weeks ago, i bought 21 Batman and Fantastic Four t-shirts for 2.99 each. Like really awesome. And then a few days ago I found all the coil notebooks I use for classes, for 20 cents each at Staples. I bought 16 dollars worth. Which was all of the notebooks in downtown Staples. I think the lady was laughing inside when she swiped like all 72 of them. 😛

One thing I am really looking forward to this year is seeing everyone again everyday and having fun fun fun. Ironically I think we all see each other more during school than during summer when everybody has free time. I guess conflict of schedules really messes things up.

And also looking forward to running in the Pavillion track. I remember last year I was complaining about adjusting to the indoor track for my runs, but I dunno, this year its different. I did a lot of training in different conditions, esp under the midday afternoon heat, (last year was only cool evening runs). I recently went to the Butterdome track and I pwned the other runner in there. I lapped her 4 times. Oh baby. I remember last year when I couldnt even finish a 20 minute run indoors, after doing nightly 1.5 hour runs. Its a lot easier now, except I don’t have landmarks to make checkpoints (I hate counting laps). Outside its a lot easier to judge when you are nearing the end of your run, because you can see where you are. Indoors, you don’t want to look at the time (because that really makes you feel like its taking forever).

Anyways, I should go do my run. Its beautiful outside.

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  1. obstacle1 says:

    >wow. why in the world were coil scribblers ONLY 20 cents?? thats madness. i sure hope that you purchased a lotto ticket that day too (seeing as how your luck has been).anyway, thanks for the feedback regarding the poo story. lol, i quite enjoyed it myself. pure comedy! oh, also thanks for the reassurance that i am not the only one who gets aggressive during boardgames. though, we both have different reasons, i find solace in the fact that i’m not the only grumpy-pants!so, ellis, where do you usually hangout on campus? in the Ed. building, i presume? i’m sure we’ll see one another often! i don’t know many other ed. students so i think it’ll be a pleasant respite to bump into a somewhat familiar face! see ya!-jodi

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