>This Summer Kicked a Lot of Butts. Like Serious Butt Kicking Action Here.

>So aside the summer of 2003, which really was quite awesome, what with my anticipation of university, summer has in general been somewhat sucktacular. I’ve never been a huge fan of summer. I mean I loved summer, as there’s no studying involved, or anything stressful, but really it has never had the major highlights that school seems to always pull out. I think a lot of things have to do with friends, work and family and how that whole shibang works out together. Well this summer flat out kicked ass. Like really. Last summer really wasnt that good. It was good like sort of in the end, but most of summer 2005 was boring. But this summer. OMG. This is like the best summer I have ever had in a long long time. Like EVAR.

I think a lot of it has to do with just a great start to the school term. My 3rd year at University was amazing. The classes were fricking brilliant. I took Entomology 220,. which is by far my favorite class ever. And I had some other very good classes. Top it off with some awesome marks, and classes couldnt be better. I mean when you actually like the class, even if the work is hard, it doesnt feel so bad. So topping that off with some very fricking good times at Katy’s and well, its just very fricking awesome.

So awesome that i didn’t update my blog in like a month.

Actually a lot of that has to do with me not having my computer, but thats another story. I’ve had the time of my life. I’ve been having so much fun I havent had time to hit my blog. Thanks for reading through all my crap anyways. 😛 But yeah, really really awesome times. First off, Steeps was awesome. Some of the coolest people I have ever worked with, nearing that even with Bluenotes (:P). Seriously awesome working conditions, working with old friends, making new friends, and well a very chilled atmosphere. I still remember telling Katy that I was working at Steeps back in March and discussing how I wasnt a tea fanatic. Well it was fricking awesome. I started back into my art, and now I have very awesome memories of chilling at the bar, with my favorite pencil, and Kenya just having some good convos. Like man. I’m missing it.

Then there was my other job. As a program instructor for inner city children, I made so much more progress in my career than I have have ever done, even more so than with student teaching. I had loads of fun with the staff at my first school, but man the last two months have been one hell of a roller coaster. I’m seriously going to miss these kids. My last two days of work are coming up fast, and I have made some awesome friendships this summer. I really am feeling sad. Like major sad. Like tears in my eye sad. I could go on with some of the things I did with them, but really theres just so much I dont know where to start. The other program instructors were amazing, the kids were amazing, and every darn day was amazing. Even when we were caught downtown with 32 kids and a thunderstorm. That was fun.

I gained so much experience this summer and so many memories. Thanks.

This summer was too good. I’m looking forward to next summer already.

What else happened? Well if you’re following my blog, EVERYTHING WAS FRICKING AWESOME. Eating contests, omg. so good. Camping? Sleep overs? OMG. And soon to be coming more horror nights with a very good friend? OMG OMG OMG. What else? MY BIRTHDAY KICKED ASS. THANKS EVERYBODY. Like really. I love this.

And now that school is starting again, well I dunno. Its school. But if anything, here’s hoping it will be like 3rd year. Cause 2nd year sort of sucked. And 1st year might not ever happen again. But 4th year. Whats happening 4th year? ELLIS IS TAKING 5 ENTOMOLOGY COURSES. Thats right baby. Insects everywhere. This is going to be the best year ever. And wetland ecology? Omg 1 class a week, and a fricking field trip? DARN tooting.

I almost cant wait to get started. Well really i can wait. Its still stress. But what else is happening? This summer I can officially feel content that I stuck with my workout regime and hit a few goals. My upper abdominal is beginning to show, and I’ve kept up with my daily runs. I no longer have an addiction to coke, and water is my best friend. I feel a whole lot better, and the fact that I’m buying new pants and shirts and everything because my clothes fall of me now is great. Well not that great financially, but still. Its awesome. I cant wait to hit the university gym again. I mean this is convenient and all having a home gym, but the university gym is sweet.

Darn tooting. Thanks again everyone. This has been one hell of a summer.

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