>Banff Camping- More pics to come.

>So I didnt update for a bit, but in the past two weeks I have been quite the busy bunny. In fact right now I am wondering how I am going to fall asleep,a s I am freaking wide awake. I was just watching somebody’s graduation video with “time of your life” playing, and now I am sort of sad and such, School comes near, but its only a mere 2 more years before I am off to the real world. Sigh. As much as University blows chunks, it really is near and dear to me, with all the friendships I’ve made and the awesome memories I’ve had. Anyways, thats for another post. This post is my last minute post, as I finish up my last set of weights and hope for the best to get sleep soon. I work tm, and this is the first job, well maybe second job, where I actually look forward to going to work. Btw, to everybody questioning my career choice. Eat shit. I normally don’t like the use of profanity, but seriously. GTFO. Thank you.

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  1. >bloopbloopyes. bloop indeed.

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