>Artwork; Past and Present


So I recently went back into my art hobby, which has been on a hiatus ever since University ate my soul, and left any creative juices dry on my now defunct frontal lobe. At any rate, I used to turn in 1-2 art projects per week when I was in high school, but sadly it seems that nwo that has come down to 1 per year. As of late, I have decided to go back for reasons that I feel more grounded from this materialistic world we live in today, and art just makes me feel more….more me. I feel like a true individual rather than the product of some mass corporation, i.e, SonyWhore.

Anyways here are some of my pictures past and present. I unfortunately do not have any of the pics of my clay sculptures, which I regret to say I havent touched even more so than paitning and drawing. I plan on grabbing a big heap of clay this summer and going at it again, as I feel that sculpting was my favorite way of expressing art’s creativity.

The first pic on top is soemthing I’ve been working on forever at work. I found this model in a watch ad, and she looked bloody fantastic. I guess I sort of have a thing for girls with a dark aura, ie tattoos or make up. I dunno they just seem so much neater to draw. Anyways hopefully that pic gets finished up soon, as I only work on it when I goto work.

This one is like an angel. I could go on more about it, but then I would sound like Napoleon Dynamite. “This is a liger. Its like my favorite animal”. “This is probably the best pic I’ve drawn. It took me like 3 hours to shade the upper lip”

This is just chilling on our store fridge. I don’t like the one on the left. The one on the right I would like to have tattooed on my arm. Actually not, I think I am not man enough to do that. 😛

My first take on Zhang Ziyi. The picture actually is a lot darker, and is one of the few colored ones I have. However, my camera underexposed the pic quite a bit, as it did with most of the next pictures.

This is Sid Vicious’ girl. I added more tattoos to her because I thought she defintely fit the persona.

A bit underexposed again, masking the color of this picture. Oh well.

Everybody that went to my high school might remember seeing these plastered all over the school walls for Matchmaker. I don’t know where I put the picture of Gackt at. Ironically I drew Gackt for the male picture, even though he looks a bit like a Japanese transvestite. He should have been for the girl picture.

This was doen back in grade 11, when I was a huge Tekken whore. I like the composition, but I don’t like how some of the people look in it. I would love to redo this pic, but I am too lazy. Also I don’t have the passion to make another Tekken picture. You need that drive/spark to get the picture on paper.

This is a picture from an article in SPIN magazine, about people that regret tattoos. She had the Marilyn Manson tattoo on her abs. Again, I thought she had a pretty interesting style to draw.

Anyways I am out. Its going to be 28 degrees today with overcast skies. One hell of a humid day.

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  1. >yes GENIUS ellis.. i need your mad skills at adding comments.. it would be much appreaciated!!!!!

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