>Tired, Sick and I’m still Ticking.


Wow. I haven’t posted in awhile. I guess I sort of have been enjoying a really awesome summer, which as posted before, is totally kicking ass. So the last time I posted, we had a taco eating contest. Well since then, we have had a ice cream eating contest, and Owen has gone back to Germany. Which totally sucks, because the number of fun events has gone downhill since then, so I imagine that Owen is the reason why we were having fun. Which also means that all my other friends suck. 😛 Just kidding. Well I guess that also means that I suck too. Anyways, more fun has been happening since the Oilers have been doing their ass stomping as of late. More on that later.

I was offered a new job starting later this summer which is totally awesome, because now I will be instructing at a camp. What’s awesome is the circumstances involved in my hiring process, which I won’t go into details, but it totally makes me feel happy. Like really happy. And being happy was part of the reason I was hired. 😛 This is also an In-Your-Face you losers, to the one company I truly want to kick in the face.

The ice cream eating contest went over well, but I still feel that it was sort of not official. We were sort of enjoying the ice cream and not really eating it as fast as we could ha ha. But it was awesome nonetheless. I just remember talking a lot and then people telling me I was wasting valuable eating time. That’s ok. The contest was just hella fun. I swear next time its going to be fish and chips. I think we would actually vomit.

Last week was probably one of the crappiest nights I have ever had. That includes the time I slept in for my Physics 124 exam study time and woke up at 5am and crapped my pants. Basically last Wednesday we all went biking and this was after my run, which totally drained me physically. The bike ride was pretty wicked, but when I got home, I was just gone. As I sat there thinking about my application forms for scholarships, I suddenly read the fine print that said “must be handed in before June 1”. I basically just died right then and there. This was like studying your heart out for an exam and then sleeping in that day. I was already tired as it was, and then I stayed up all night having nightmares about it in between 10 minute bouts of sleep. Woke up at 6am, went to my high school to get new evaluation forms because they didn’t want photocopies, and made it back to university and fell apart. I was ready to give the dean a mercy speech, when I was told I was fine in the office. I was so relieved, but so tired that I couldn’t be happy. Went to work with the kids, and booked it straight home, only to get a call from my other job saying I was supposed to be at work. I ended up being very very sick after that, and now I feel like crap. I guess I was just so wrecked after that day that my immune system just went to crap. Now I have the chills, fever and who knows what else. Oh and I had my bike frame shoved up my area during biking so that doesn’t help. I can’t even cross my legs.

Golfing- We went to the Victoria driving range, which would be the 3rd time I have picked up a golf club in my life, except if you count Casey Jones’s clubs (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures anyone?) It was a wicked time. Except I kept getting more mosquito bites. Seriously, if they all died, I wouldn’t care.

Other news- I don’t think much about a certain topic anymore. I am tired of trying trying trying and realizing that I’m just a fool. Oh well. One day.

Lately I have gotten comments about what a genuinely happy guy I am which makes me even more happy, since I was feeling like crap during one of those days. Thanks a lot stranger! And then I had this one girl say some things while she was high which made me wonder if she was telling the truth or not, but she kept up a completely normal conversation so I dunno. Weird.

My workouts have been getting better and better but I dunno how much I will be able to get in tone this summer. Hopefully more, as I am really getting mentally prepared for each day and it helps me a lot.

My mosquito bites got really bad the past few days and I bought this After-Bite stuff that really works wonders. It was my fault for finding a new trail and biking down a mosquito haven but oh well. It was worth it. I hope.

Actually I guess that’s my main goal this summer. Just get as fit as possible. Its something I really really love, and everytime I find a new shirt that fits me better, I go broke. Also a lot of my pants do not work anymore. Which is cool, but also sort of sucky.

Oh and one more thing, I finally got around to starting my art again, after like a 3 year hiatus due to a POS called University. I will post up some pics of that. The great thing is that I get paid to do it cause I have so much free time at work. I love it.

In other news I am going to sleep. I will post a bunch of pictures tm morning. I am sleepy now.

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