>I am a FOB now

I remember talking about how I thought a lot of FOB haircuts looked like partial mullets. Well I now have one too. I went to Ian, the guy that gave Miyuru his wolf cut, and requested a new style, as my hair had grown to the consistency of a mop, as the pictures from golfing dictate. Will got a faux hawk and I got a mullet. How awesome is that? I havne’t had short hair in 6 years so its very very neat to actually feel the wind blwoing in my scalp. In the meantime, I can now put my bike helmet on and not feel shame for the actual mullet sticking out the back of my head.

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  1. >mullllletis it really? doesn’t look like a mullet.. well it doesn’t look like a bad mullet if anythingand i’m not telllllling.. bwahahaha

  2. jbong says:

    >whoa.your hair.whoa.im not saying its badit just seems like such a big changeim in shock.whoa….

  3. >back again.. i’m done fixing my blog.. can’t get the comments in but that’s ok.. tell me if there’s any probs

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