>This is going to be the Best Summer EVER.


Summer has officially started, and its been a wicked two weeks so far. I guess I always thought about posting what awesomeness everyday has been, but there’s been so many things happening, I guess I will just make one big huge post. In reality, I think this has been one of the most exciting two weeks I have ever had in a very long time. So lets begin shall we?

First off- Student teaching ended for me on April 28th, which was an amazing day. My first thought was mostly being sad and emotional. My kids were so freaking awesome that leaving them was just….not cool. I guess it wasn’t just a matter of talking in front of the class and lecturing for me. As a teacher, I use an empathetic approach to classroom philosophy, also known as a Referent power base. Basically I manage the classroom by understanding what each student’s personal needs are, what their passion are and what their hatred resides on, and I plan the lessons accordingly. This means that I get to know the students on a much more personal level than your average teacher will do, and I guess that’s why I feel sad, because to me, they were not just pupils, but rather, they were people. Which also brings up the dilemma of maintaining the line between friendship and the professional teacher/student role. Anyways, they were some of the best students I could have worked with, and just seeing them learn from my lessons was so gratifying, I know this is the profession I truly want. I have always wanted to be a teacher, since Grade 4 (12 years of anticipation so far!) but this only confirms my beliefs/passions. Anyways some of the students gave me their opinions of what they liked/disliked about my lessons, and although there will always be a few who did not like things (ie wishing I followed the textbook word for word- yeah that’s sounding like a boring lesson right there) the majority of them thought I was a)funny, and b)they could relate to me. This just makes me so much more happier, in that not only have they learned from me, they also thought I was humorous and that empathy was really there. Plus some of them also really liked the fact that KISS was my favorite band, and that my hair was like a Japanese Rock Star, or a Dragonball Z character. Which totally kicks ass. Some of them even drew pictures for me! This is from my Science 10 AP class.

(ha ha and yeah I told the, the story about the killer hot wings in Jia’s dorm last year. I somehow related this to diffusion and active transport in cell membranes. They loved it!)

I guess the one big thing I have right now is relief. Although I loved teaching to bits, it was really draining. As a new teacher I don’t have any resources made up, and it is only after time that I will have enough resources so that I don’t have to be planning every night. Which brings me to my next point. My evaluation kicked ass. I’m not trying to brag, but I worked my ass off for this student teaching, and my mentor gave me an amazing evaluation. Which totally makes me happy, since this is going in my professional portfolio when I apply for a real teaching job. Another huge plus is that normally most student teachers get their mentor teacher’s resources and work with that for their IPT. However, my teacher was sick of just hearing people reiterate his own work, when thats not really going to happen in the real field, and so the fact that I got a wicked evaluation but yet made all my lesson plans by myself is totally cool.

Here’s my mentor teacher Mr. Haak. He actually did the same program I am doing at the University of Alberta, with the combined degree BSc/BEd. He’s an awesome guy, and oen fo the main reasons my IPT went so well, because our personalities went well together. He used ot be the leadership teacher as well, and is friends with my past teacher/freind Mrs. Boyle. Which I thought was pretty cool.

Up next was a fire at Doris’ house which was just awesome. I can’t remember how many times we have had fires there, but it always kicks ass. Everybody was there, except for ….Vicki! Wth? Ha ha , anyways it was fun, there was a lot of meat and a lot of people and did I mention meat? Honestly, there was a small herd of cow in that BBQ. We did the whole BBQ thing for awhile, which was great, since it was darn good food, and I also got to see Penner for like the first time in like a bajillion months. It was good catching up with people, but of course the real fun begins when the fire comes on. There is something about fire that just makes it so much more cozier. I dunno, it was just really awesome. Of course Jim had his guitar, and Howie and I had to do some singing. Which reminds me, we haven’t gone karaoke for awhile, so yeah. Anyways, it was awesome. Good fire, good singing and of course, good s’mores. Honestly, those things are darn good. Except I dropped mine into the fire. Twice. Not cool. After spending all your time roasting the marshmallow, and to have it burn in the end….argh. But it was wicked. If you light the marshmallow on fire, it is so good.

Carmen knew how to make the s’mores roast without falling into the fire. Mad props for that.

We had to do a zoom in of her fantastic marshmallow. I sort of want one. Like now.

Who’s this shmuck witht he guitar?

Next day was Saturday, which meant Katie’s last day in Edmonton. Well Lynda’s too! It was pretty wicked. Will and I were supposed to go over there early to help her move, but she ended up being done. But we did get some boxes to Lynda’s car, so I guess we sort of helped. But we did other things. Like water balloons. One of the big things I have always wanted to do was to drop a Nalgene bottle from 6 floors up and see if it would break. I know Owen dropped it from 4, and got nothing, so 6 was the real test. Unfortunately we did not have the Nalgene to do it, so we got water balloons instead. We went to one of the University buildings and had fun. Except there was like a professor or somebody who saw us. We ran very very fast. Afterwards, we went to Whyte ave for some food., which was a great idea, because the food at Dadeo’s was wicked. We got the po’ boy (?) sandwiches which were darn tooting good. Owen and I shared the oyster and pulled pork one. We then finished the day with a nice adventure to the park. I am still the only guy to cross the X cables. Remember that. That means I am King of the Sandbox. Oh and we climbed some walls. 😛 And trees. And almost a building, but we were still running away fromt he professor, so no time for that.

Here’s Owen and Will preparing the balloons for their drop. It was lots of fun.

Oh and heres us stuck in a phone booth. Its liek that movie with Colin Farrel but lamer.

It was freaking hot that day. But that didnt stop us from climbing everything on university campus.

Heres Vicki on the geodome thingy. That thing was awesome.

And here’s Katie.

Here’s Katie trying to do a chin up. She cheated. Like all the time.

And heres the cable monster thing. It kicked ass. I cant remember actually if anybody else beat the X cable. On a second thought, how often do I get to say the sentence “I cant remember actually if anybody beat the X cable”. Werd.

What else has happened this week? Hmm well mostly just working for me. I first started Steeps this Monday, and I have to say it is one of the best jobs I have ever had. And I have had over 8 jobs on my belt so far. The job is so chilled and relaxed it kicks ass. I love it. Not only that, but the people there are wicked cool. I love it. My other main job, that of the program instructor started on Tuesday, and so far its quite kicking. I love the kids there, almost as much as my students from Wagner. Not only are the kids an interesting bunch, but some have already latched onto me. Which is sort of cool, because it means they like me. Which is totally awesome. One of my favorites, tells me I’m like her god brother, which come to think of it is sort of odd just from getting to know them from just over a few days, but apparently they trust me. So that’s pretty awesome. Its just good knowing that I can develop this sort of rapport with them over such little time, just like with my past students. Also some punks came onto the school grounds and there was some tension, but I guess it was bound to happen, being that the neighborhood isn’t exactly the best place in Edmonton.

Finally yesterday, we had a taco eating contest, which was just awesome. Owen, Caleb and I went to Taco Bell and bought a lot of tacos and went nuts, while Sijie and Will watched. Actually we had 65 tacos, soft and hard, between the 5 of us, which I guess sort of pissed off the Taco Bell people, cause they were not friendly workers. After eating 15 tacos, we gave up because it was a)disgusting, b)not really puke inducing. I was expecting us to go *BLARGH after, but it really was just like eating hay. It didn’t make you vomit, like eating KFC or something, but it was just like filling up on something so bland and tasteless there seemed no point in going on. Not to say that it didn’t make us sick. We had some interesting discussions about the after effects of eating 15 tacos….to the dismay of the families eating at Taco Bell. 😛 Anyways, fun times. Next week its ice cream or slurpees, but I think we really will puke from that stuff. Owen woke me up this morning , by telling me how many calories we had eaten, which totally ruins my toning plan. That’s ok, cause I had a wicked run today and finished off with some good arm exercises, but still. Woo. WE better not do too many of these contests or I will kill my health. But all in all, good times! Also the above pic- is it really that hard to see that your finger is in the way of the lens? 😛

Anyways some more shots of us being fairly stupid at Taco Bell. Next week ice cream!

Thats right. We broke that trash container. With our bare hands.

And finally- TACO! He he ok, this blog post took way too long, I have to goto sleep. Good night! See you all tm!

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