>Hi. Summer is officially here!


Wow, what a week. So normally I would have had a really big 32 font size- OMG I AM DONE FINALS, but I was so tired from staying up this week, that I just slept. Basically last week was a big gong show with lots of stress, no sleep, and staying up all night for many nights. Not really my cup of tea. But if there is one thing I appreciate, is that on the last final, everything feels good. No regrets, all you can think about is “OMG last exam, last exam, last exam…..” Actually I was already thinking that on the 2nd last exam. And then on the last final, all I could think of was “OMG Question 50? 50 more questions to freedom!” So yeah, basically I ran out ETLC with a set of angel wings doing my fairy walk as I struttered down campus telling everybody I saw I was done finals. Most of them were like “OMGWTFBBQ?!” It felt good. Hopefully I did well on them, but all I can think of right now is that I am done, and I have nothing but happiness ahead of me. Like I know I still have one month of student teaching, but that looks like a lot of fun. Well anything is fun after finals. I could be sitting on a parking lot in West Edmonton Mall and have cars splash muddy water all over me, and I would still have a big grin on my face.

Anyways what happened this week? Well one of my asshole professors totally bombed one of our projects. Well not totally bombed it, but considering that the TA said it was perfect, and the mark that we got, well you get the picture. My partners were not very happy. What else , hmmm oh and then we like pwned our IPP assignment which seriously was the biggest PITA I have ever dealt with before. Staying at the university till 10:00 PM for 4 nights in a row, omg. Seriously gross. Good thing we did well. Too bad we had one ass of a group member.

Anyways enough school talk. Besides finals, I’ve been doing some major job searching, remembering how I decided to look for a summer job like one month into summer, and there were of course none. Anyways, looks like I got a wicked job full time, which is great at the Supervisor position too! But aside from that, which is just for money, it also looks like I got a good chance of a job at an inner city school project, where I’m a program leader for 10-14 yr old kids in , well, inner city schools. It’s a great experience I hope I can get this summer, because it both is great to be working with these kids, and also good for experience for my career. Other job prospects I’m looking at are other child program leadership things, and this one wicked job I’m hoping to land in Calgary, teaching English to 10-15 yr olds. Its so awesome, its only 4 weeks, but I get the experience, plus its so much fun. Its like living with the kids and the other program leaders, and you design and teach English courses for these kids, and take them out on day excursions all expenses paid. Plus I make a decent chunk of money. I’m pretty hyped about this summer if you can tell.

Anyways jobs aside, what else has happened? Oh omg I forgot, my red nw-hd5 is coming. It ships tomorrow. Its been such a dink trying to get this in, but its going to be sweet. As most iPod owners know, the battery memory effect takes place about 2 years of use, and mine definitely has reached the end of its fighting years. I get like 6 hours now out of it, which is pretty crappy. One of the biggest arguments iPod whores seem to have is that it doesn’t matter how much battery you have, since how long are you away from an AC outlet? The idea is that if you are at most gone for 7 hours from an AC outlet, you can always charge up. However, an AC outlet charge takes about 3 hrs, and the whole point of an mp3 player is mobility. It was a big pain in the ass on my road trip to Los Angeles last summer, when I couldn’t listen to my iPod, because I knew it would die halfway during the day, so I only listened to it at night, and read a book about what a dick George Bush was during the day. Anyways, point being- more battery is awesome. And my NW-HD5 is a killer. It gets 40 hours with AtracPlus files, and a user rated 32 hours for 128 kps MP3s. What does that mean? It means that people actually used it and reported 32 hours, unlike the time claimed on the box. Anyways, that means 32 hours >12 hours on my iPod originally. Seriously. How cool is that? And its 20% smaller. OMG. Plus the orange remote I have for it….ok I’m going to stop.

Last night was Solomon’s birthday, which ended up being a huge fiasco, because of miscommunication. I hope I didn’t tick anybody off. SORRY! Anyways it was a mixed bag. We went to the Crowne Plaza, where the rotating restaurant thing is at the top. It was crazy. I can’t even play Doom 3 without getting dizzy. I tried taking pictures out the rotating windows, and I got seasick. The waitress was really nice, and for the first time, I myself ordered an alcoholic drink, which I have never done before. Of course I ended up with something familiar, a Colada, which I now realize is a girl’s drink, so maybe I should always have somebody order for me. Our waiter ended up being a total dick, and was extremely rude. One of the guys can not drink alcohol for medical reasons, so he just had some coke and water (250 ml of coke is 3 bucks!) When he asked for his water, the waiter said “Yeah its coming, but I figured I get the drinks first for people that paid. “ And then when he came back he was like “Here’s your FREE drink”. Seriously wtf. And then when we left, the parking valet had no change and just short-changed us. Seriously for a high class place, it’s a piece of crap. But anyways, Happy Birthday Solomon. Blue Angels this week, I promise!

Finally, I would like to extend a warm greeting to idiots that take up space on sidewalks. When somebody is coming towards you, and you are walking side by side with a friend, you move behind said friend right? So the other person can pass you? Well apparently people still have no common sense at the age of 40, because they forced me onto the road, into traffic. Thanks you stupid idiots. Oh and then on the bus, on my way to work, some people commented on a construction site that it looked like it had been built by “Chinamen”. Seriously. I thought that stuff was all behind me in Lethbridge. I really felt like saying something, but I realized how poor some of these people were, and that there were more important things in life to worry about, like getting bread and butter on the table, then about social etiquette/values.

Speaking of, I got to my job interview early, which was all the way in northside, because I didn’t want to get lost/late. Being 40 minutes early I decided to go stroll around the block, instead of standing outside the building and creeping out my potential managers. As I walked around, I kept wishing time would go by faster, because nothing is worse then walking around aimlessly with no purpose. Well, it was then I realized how bad homeless people have life. The people I passed on the streets had nothing to do. They had nowhere to go. They were literally walking around aimlessly, with no destination, and simply the thought of how they were going to eat lunch that day. Seriously, that’s really bad. I’m not sure what I am going to do this summer in terms of volunteer service, but hopefully I can do something helpful/beneficial for them. I could barely stand 40 minutes on the streets, nevermind everyday.

And summer. Omg, sun. I love summer sun and 30 degree weather. I can’t wait until I can wear shorts again. And finally, since summer has basically started for me, I am back to making some resolutions. Surprisingly, last year, when I made them up on a napkin in the Bay restaurant, I fulfilled all of them. This summer I would like to do the same. So here goes;

1. Six pack. I am getting a little tired of not having a balanced body, and so this summer I want a six pack.
2. 140 lbs- I think once I hit this weight, I will be better proportioned. This summer I want to get ripped/in shape.
3. Run a half marathon. End of the summer, I should be able to complete a half marathon. Its going to be hard, but I think now that I have time, I can get back into my running routine, which was lost due to school.
4. Take a martial art- I want to learn some self-defense, especially with all the petty street crime these days.

That’s about it for now. Anyways here’s some fun pictures to look at from last night. Have a pleasant evening folks.

zomg- heatbags!

looking sharp people!

who took this picture, with my camera?! just kidding. 😛 awwwwwww.

I like this picture. It needs no explanation.

me drinking- again. at least Jia wasn’t here for me to throw into the fireplace.

will caught in my camera beam of death! zomg!

katy drinking funny drink

sol beat everybody.

That’s all! I’m off to Neverland.

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