>I’m having the best day ever


Well today was almost another What is it? Asshole Day? sort of days but after some careful consideration, I decided that those days are over. Well sort of. Anyways lets do a recap of what has happened the past few weeks. Lots of projects. Lots of stupid group projects. Also lots of stupid group members. But I won’t talk about that. Although one of them was stupid enough that I could almost put it under asshole day as well. Anyways I’m already in a pissy mood b/c of staying up late/at school for the past 3 nights on stupid projects.

This morning in Education Café, I was doing my IPP group project, working on my laptop by myself on a table. (ok, well it officially went bad when the jerk in the other table pushed the dirty garbage can into my laptop wire, but whatever). Anyways beside my table was an empty table that had become a garbage table, with random trash that people were too lazy to throw away in the garbage. So I’m sitting here studying when I see this friend, and I get up to go see him, like 3 feet away. As I finish talking with him, not even 10 seconds later, I turn around to find some guy grabbing all the garbage from the adjacent table and DUMPING IT ON MY JACKET/SWEATER that I had on a chair. I looked at him like if this was really happening, wondering if people really lacked this much common sense- especially when the garbage can was like a foot away.

Me- “Um what are you doing?”
Him- “Oh sorry”

Sorry? If you knew you were sorry and it was a bad thing, why would you do it? And for that part if you said sorry wouldn’t you do something about it?

Him- “I need this table”
Me- shocked.

And after saying I need this table he just leaves. With all the garbage on my jacket/sweater. Now I’m not some metrosexual clothes loving fem-boy. I don’t care that much about clothes. But I care enough about them that I’m not a happy camper when people dump their trash on my clothes.

He just left it on there for ME to clean up. I can’t believe it.

Anyways I sat there for a good 10 minutes venting silently about how much I wanted to punch him in the nose, but also remembering how much this is trivial compared to the real problems people are suffering out there. So I calmed down, chilled out and got back to work.

So admittedly that was weird enough, but I moved on and handed in my IPP assignment with my group. And then I had to get back with my EDPY group for another bloody project. So I’m now in the Education library with my laptop on a table. My AC adaptor is on a chair because I’m not a huge fan of leaving it on the ground where people step all over. (if you remember my old xanga blog, I had another jerk stomp on my ac adaptor, so I’m not fond of leaving it on the ground. Also its dirty on the floor)

Anyways, I see this 40ish yr old woman walking around the library and I think nothing about her. I put on some music on my earphones and start doing some journal reading which I hate btw. As she walks towards me from behind me, I become aware of how close she is coming to my chair with the AC adaptor. And just as she passes she does this.

She bends down, grabs my AC adaptor and throws it on the floor.

I see this all in the corner of my eye, and now I am in shock. What the hell is she doing? She just threw my adaptor out of the blue at the ground. Potentially screwing up my laptop should it have yanked the AC socket hard enough. She didn’t even look at me or apologize or what-not. Nothing. Like it was perfectly normal to go around and throw computer equipment as she pleased.

I sat there for a few seconds thinking what the hell her problem was and how great/bloody fantastic the day was turning out to be.

Eventually I got up and walked to her and asked

Me- “Excuse me, what just happened back there?”
She- “I almost tripped on your wire”
Me- “Oh sorry”

And as I think back to this moment, why the hell did I say sorry?

I sat back down and thought it over. Yes she might have seen it as a possible trip accident. She might have known that she might trip on it.

But she could have turned and asked me to move it out of the way. But instead she just grabbed it and chucked it at the ground, with no apology or asking if she could. Not that I would have said “Yes, you may throw it on the ground”. I would have moved it for her, if she was unable to lift her foot 0.5 feet to walk across it.

Then I thought, well maybe she did trip on it and it fell. But then if she did, she would have looked at me and at least said “You wire tripped me” or at least looked at me. Or if nice “Oh I’m sorry I knocked your adaptor” and offered to put it back where it was.

But no. She didn’t do anything. Not even without looking at me she just grabbed it and chucked it. Then I clearly remember her grabbing it, not tripping on it. And as well, I tried tripping myself with it. The adaptor didn’t fly off the chair.

I sat there again thinking how badly I wanted to punch somebody in the nose. Especially after how non-chalant she was about it.

Am I the only one that thinks University students have no etiquette? Like they have the smarts, the academic intelligence, the ability to get A’s and become rich/famous people (who will die vain lives empty and void). Yet somehow, they lack common sense, etiquette, social skills and the ability to operate like rational interactive people. Today just makes me feel this notion so much more.

Anyways, as I sat there venting internally and nearing the point of breaking down in my amazement of today’s events, my friend came up to me with rather shocking news about a life and death situation. As I mulled over this and thought how miniscule my problems really were, I received word form yet another friend about a very similar scenario. By then I realized that my problems were so tiny, they were not worth mulling over. I mean I had the right to be teed off, but this wasn’t worth my time and energy to focus on.

Anyways, after that I read this news article on CNN –
Kenyan family’s cry: ‘God has cursed us’

“In the last six months, CNN’s Jeff Koinange has covered three droughts in Africa. In July, he was in Niger, where he saw women walk for miles with their babies on their backs in a search for food. Then in Malawi, Koinange witnessed people eating termites to survive. Now he’s in his native Kenya, where a fourth season without rain has the people fearing a looming famine.”
“The animals are our life,” Salat says. “If they die, then we die.”

Even the camels are dying in the drought. If the camels are dying, then the cattle are dying, and if that happens these people lose their only source of life. After you read something like that, you really understand your problems are minuscule. I hope everything went well with the two people I heard about today. I just don’t know what to say about things like that.

Anyways on a happier note- tm is Sijie’s birthday which is awesome because we have lots of ice cream and coupons at Marble Slab Ice Creamery on Whyte Ave.

Me=Happy b/c lots of people there= fun.

Anyways that was a group pic after Stephanie’s bday in 04. I can’t wait till summer again. Seriously. I love summer. I love sun. I love shorts. I love sandals.

Good night. I have to catch some sleep lost last week.

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  1. jiahu says:

    >I love the song on your blog!

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