>What a Reading Week. Now screwed for the next 3 weeks.


Wow, what a week. I have been meaning to post something on Tuesday night, but I guess I just can’t manage time well enough. Right now I should be reading Chapter 7 on Supporting Student Learning Needs in Content Areas…but nah, I’ll just blog. So yeah everything was just a big mess of mismanagement this week, but at least I have the goal of finishing all my EDPY 301 readings by tomorrow, which better happen or I really will have done jack all this week. Funnily not that many people in Education are freaking out about March and its reign of terror. I mean , Janet has the same workload as me, and she’s…going to Calgary again today with Jia for his Med interview. (I think). Anyways, its probably this thing I was talking to Miyuru about last night, about overstudying. I can’t go into an exam just by reading a book. Katie has the same problem. If I don’t memorize a crap load of useless terminology I feel unprepared. I don’t think this is a good way to study. Oh well.

I thought this picture really epitomizes what happened last night. More on that later. But yeah. I love karaoke. And karaoke loves me. Ironically Katie didn’t go to karaoke because hse dislikes FOB activities. Me? I went because I was singing Bon Jovi. You can’t get any whiter than that. Anyways the below pic is our crew after we all finished up half the living room with paint for Habitat for Humanity. Its nice and white now. Tehre was this really cool cubbyhole in teh basement where it was like hidden, but it had lights and everything. Totally awesome for like a hidden enterainment room. I wish I had that in my room.

Anyways, yeah Tuesday was freaking awesome. Owen organized this thing for Habitat for Humanity, where we actually got our hands on some volunteer work which I have been meaning to do as my 2006 resolution of doing things not selfish or for self-satisfaction. I started off with judging a science fair for Kate Chegwin, which I felt I didn’t do so great in, but this round was awesome. I mean, we all thought it would be a lot of cold cold work outside, with hammers, nails and falling off ladders, but we did painting! It was sooo fun. Good thing Owen drove, me and Sij were going to bus it. Turns out we had a hard enough time finding the site by car (it was on Northside Edmonton of all places) and it was at 8:15am in the morning. So really early morning. I hate mornings. I’m not a happy guy in the morning. Anyways, we got there, busted out some paint, split into groups (there was a 5 plex thing, like 5 units in one building) and it was Sij, Dawn Tran, Mag and Me. We finished a whole basement, part of the living room, and ourselves, with Dawn getting the dirtiest, and me the cleanest.  Anyways here’s some action pics from that day. It was good times. I plan on doing it again this summer when the weather is warm, and there is actual construction (we were a little disappointed no hammer/nail action happened)

So skip forward to Thursday, when we had breakfast at Barb and Ernies. Owen, Jia, Penner and ME spend 50 bucks on breakfast, which is amazing, since I usually just eat cereal in the morning. No pics from here, but there was a lot of pancakes. We had 4 dishes, German bacon pancakes, Bratwurst and Eggs benedict, 3 HUGE blueberry stuffed pancakes, and Eggs Flamenco. Funnily, the waitress was like “Are you splitting these dishes?” Well yes we were. She then told us they frown upon people splitting dishes, which pissed me off, because I was trying to be nice to her. In a business sense, yeah, its not cool to have 4 people splitting 3 pancakes (which is totally possible, with the size they come in), and taking up a whole table. But I mean its their choice, and the restaurant can not like it, but telling us that? Ok, we ordered 4 dishes not 1, so ….didn’t need to tell us that. GG. She eventually became nice and gavce us a bigger table, and all, but that was just dumb. Funnily 1 pancake is 6 bucks, 2 is 7 bucks and 3…is 8 bucks. Owen wanted to order 2 because she said they were huge and we might not finish. But I was like “dude for a dollar more…” We didn’t finish ha ha. Oh well. It was good. But the German bacon pancakes were like Chinese pancakes with bacon, which doesn’t really taste that great. And the Eggs flamenco was soso, with Owen not getting any meat at all, but rather just fried onions. Sorry Owen. 😛

Afterwards we went to Harry Ainlay again, which Katie remarked she has never seen such a large group of attached dweebs. I guess we were just really close with them, and I loved Ainlay. It was fun seeing them. Funnily Penner had to leave at 3, because he had to meet Madame Campbell, which was just weird. There wasn’t much to say about it, just that it was fun seeing them, and I really would love to teach there.

Friday was where the shit hit the fan. Studied at Katies in the morning and then we stopped at noon, remarked at the innate ability for her roommates to respond to stimuli, and stopped studying. Will came over and we had a blast at Safeway buying groceries. Well not really. But it was fun. We then headed over to Jia’s, which was totally awesome, because we did a lot of meaningless stuff which totally could have been study time, but it was worth it being with friends again in this cold cold place called University life. Mafia and Signal were good games, and so was Jia throwing a Rubix cube at my shins which really hurt like a $%#%@, but ok. And there was lots of food, it was fun, and we did a lot of stupid things, like seeing how many people could stand on other people….yeah. Good times.

Now karaoke, that was awesome. We went to Laser (?) or was it 99th? I can’t remember. But good times. Backstreet boys, Bon Jovi, Good Charlotte, Mariah Carey and the Beatles. Apparently I don’t even need a microphone to sing. They actually took it away from me. 😛 Anyways it was fun, and all, I love it. Definitely on my list of things to do on my birthday. Which a certain someone will probably not show up for again. Anyways some more pics, and some good times.

Howie has his game going on. Howie, Sijie, Magdalene, Joey, and Will. I liek how Joey manages a new facial expression for every picture I have of him. So awesome.

I like how Jia is caught in the act here. 😛 Theres Jia Hu (OMG THE BADGE! HE GOES TO HARVARD!), Sijie, Janet and Jennifer. My girlfriend. 😛 Just kidding. The Harvard comment was how we …nevermind.

And heres a nice shot of Sol drinking. Actually it looks pretty funny. Also funny was how Sol mooned like 15 people yesterday. And then he like attacked me. Actually it wasn’t really funn.y It was frightening. I always think he’s going to can me everytime I walk by him.

Notice how Pierre somehow manages the exact same facial expression and rigid composure in the normal and funny group shots. 😛 Awesome. Also notice how the token brown guy sort of…ha hahahah good one Miyuru.

P.S.- Is it just me or does Jennifer Bong look slightly evil in this picture? Kind of….like she can shoot lasers out her eyes or something. Werd.

*note- you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them. If you want the full size pics, just ask me and I can email them to you.

Anyways, back to studying now. Have a good weekend, and don’t stress out too much during school! Remember, last week of March! That is going to be the best week ever.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    >oh ellis. i’m fine, just that there’s a person who repeatedly leaves me hate comments on here.i know they read this, so they will read that.

  2. jbong says:

    >OOOOOOh dear. i totally look evil in that pic! AHH! thats freakin scary haha. man you should edit it and take out the redeye or whatever.. just edit it to minimize the evilness. hahaha. wow i think i may give myself nightmares.anyways..yes good times good times on friday :Dnow im definitely screwed for pharmacology on monday!:Sso its time for your to create a diversion (burn down the univeristy) or anything else because burning down the school might not work. anyways…do anything to extend my study time!! and if you do that..then YOU WILL BE THE BEST ELLIS! (but only if you do something so i can have more study time)

  3. >I’M SCREWED TOO YAYAYAYAYand yea i only had like… 6 pics? haha.. so sad but i told you i didn’t take very many.. i have two good ones of you holding up sij and pie haha.. i can send those over to you.. seeing how everyone used your cam to take pics, can i borrow your stick :P.. or i can giv eyou a usb key if that’s easier.. please? :PANDi said i was sorry i didn’t show up to your bday party.. and wait a sec.. you didn’t show up to mine did you? NO YOU DIDN”T.. PLUS YOU WERE ALL OVER BONG.. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.. it’s like i wasn’t even there yesterday in your eyes.. sigh.. *tear*

  4. obstacle1 says:

    >yessss..it twas i that you had met at jen’s xmas bday shindig. i can’t believe you remember my name but not what i look like. hahaha isn’t it usually the other way around?? don’t people remember faces more often then names? do you also get springbreak off too then? thats pretty neat!

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