>When March is over, My life begins.

>Check it out. I am a total dork. I bought this on Friday at WEM, because I am loving Bleach and I am loving be a FOB. I don’t know what to do with it yet, I don’t want to use it as a keychain, cause it would scratch, and this thing is cool as a cucumber.

Well, its been a long month and a half since this term has started. What have I to say about this? Well, its been a lot more work then I anticipated, but its also been a hell of a lot of fun. February was probably the biggest brunt of it, with all my projects and exams landing miraculously on the Thursday every Education student has come to love/remember. I just can’t get it out of my head, how they managed to put everything on one day. I mean come on, I understand it’s a shortened term, but one day? You could have figured out something better. Like spread it over the week. Whatever. What makes me even more happy, is the fact that after this week, I have like 4-5 big projects due, an essay, and finals in 2.5 weeks. So much for suicide prevention week. Isn’t that what reading week is supposed to be for? To relieve the students, because this is supposed to be the highest time of suicide for University students? Yeah good job Faculty of Education. Really working your magic here.

In other news, there has been a lot of crap happening in the world lately. As of late, I don’t know what happened to Jill Carol, that news reporter captured in Iraq. Hopefully she’s o.k. I just don’t get how they think kidnapping civilians is going to do anything. I mean, come on, she’s not doing anything wrong. She isn’t a soldier or somebody that hates them. Ah well.

As well, there was a huge mudslide in the Philippines and a lot of people had their families torn apart. Really sad stuff. I mean, one of the guys had his wife run into their house screaming the mountain had given away. His first thought was about his children at their local school, but she said it had already been engulfed. He then thought about them, and grabbed her and started to run. Unfortunately, he lost his wife’s hand and she was swept away as well. This is just horrible to hear. I mean if this happened to my family, I don’t know what I would do.

Speaking of horrible atrocities, somebody’s grandpa was robbed by 5-6 youth last week. Think of a Chinese elder just walking in his neighborhood and then having these punks jump him, kick him in the groin, and kicking him while down. To get 5 bucks. I understand if you are on the street and desperate, but an old guy? That’s low. MY grandpa was robbed outside of his house in Los Angeles for his watch. He was in his 80s. How low can you go? These people are old, defenseless and in their last stages of life, and you just pull this off on them? Its called Karma. It will get you in the end.

Speaking of defenseless, it has come to my attention that I have had my ass handed to me over the past 2 months. Not by school, which has handed it to me, and totally kicked my teeth out. But by the girls in Katy’s dorm. Over the past few months I have been;

1. Slapped in the face by Katy. (Guys should never be slapped)
2. Papercut in the eyelid by Zo. (really really not cool. Most of you know how I feel about papercuts)
3. Linda has boot kicked me in the back of my head (while I was eating, so huge pain/mess all over myself)
4. And finally, last Friday, Sol canned me very badly, and I laid on the ground writhing in pain, Linda bootkicked me in the ass several times. Talk about hitting a person while they’re already down.

Thought that was pretty interesting. I have never been beaten up so much. Speaking of beaten up, I had my ass kicked a lot when I lived in Lethbridge, mainly because I was the minority race down there. So for all of you Emo punks that are sad, and hate life because your girlfriend thinks you’re a loser, well live 13 years in a city that hates you. I have been called every name possible (chink, jap, slant eyes, gook, chinaman) and had my ass kicked several times, (ie when they made the two Asians in my class fight, so the cool one could come hang out with the normal people. Naturally, I lost). So yeah, don’t hate life. Cause I don’t. I love life. I guess I just find it annoying that all these Emo kids always talk about suicide and throw their lives away so easily, when their problems are so superficial and meaningless. Life is hard. Be a man and don’t back out.

Anyways, why am I talking about Lethbridge? My friend is going down there to visit his friends. And interestingly, those friends are my childhood friends I grew up with in Lethbridge. How cool is that? Koji Nagahama and Jamie Mendoza are friends with my friends who are now friends with my friends. WOW. That is just so neat. Anyways Joey’s giving them my digits, and it will be some good times reminiscing. I mean I haven’t seen these guys since like grade 7. I grew up with Koji at Westminster Elementary and then met Jamie at Wilson Junior High. How cool is that. Anyways looking forward to that. Wow.

Finally, Tekken is coming to PSP. Wow. That is so cool. I remember when Yang and I were chilling in chemistry talking about how cool it would be if Tekken was on a portable. Of course Game boy color was the only option at that time (Grade 11). But now, wow. Its so hot. But I wouldn’t have time to play it, even if I ponied up the money to get a PSP.

Whats happening this week? OOOOOH, Karaoke and Wings. My favorite. I love that. Wednesday is going to rock. I just need to find a karaoke place that has ACDC and KISS. I wanted to sing KISS’s Strutter at Laser. But when I picked it, it was that stupid “stutter) song from some stupid boy band. Not that I hate boy bands. I love backstreet boys. 

And finally, I made the biggest mistake by not going to Dukes that night. I should have gone, but I didn’t. I am an idiot. Why didn’t you tell me earlier that she asked? I am a walking bag of idiot.

OOOOH, and Jia is having a party on Friday. That’s going to kick ass. And Miyuru’s Bar Flair show. Oh and Tuesday, Habitat for Humanity. I can’t wait. I really want to do tons of volunteering this summer, its so much better than working a lot so I can waste it on myself. Life really is pointless when you live selfishly. I am so excited.

Finally- OMG today was zero degrees. It felt soooo nice to have warm weather. I can’t wait until summer. I love shorts, beaters and sandals. I can’t wait.

Anyways, when my finals end in March, I get Spring Break. With the high school students. Awesome. Not. You guys will be having class still, but we are getting plastered. I don’t care anymore. I might throw somebody like Jia again into a fireplace like last time, so you know it will be sweet. Plus it will be warm and such. And it will be the only time I will wear shorts and beaters, cause when I start teaching in April again, I don’t think my teachers will like me in my skivvies.

Anyways have a fun reading week. I have to go study.

reading week. I have to go study.

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  1. >uh.. i still do’nt know anything about wings this wednesday.. was there an email? i’m assuming there was one…why is it that anyone who ever plans anything attempts to email me but FAILS MISERABLY.. THREE ppl have emailed me but either got first part right but emailed hotmail instead.. or spelled gmail wrong.. what the hell.. i don’t think i’m going to many things b/c of being informed on a late notice (i hate being informed of things at the last minute).. but oh well.. gives me more time to study and do hw or watch aliasand your keychain –> fobbyand about you getting beat up by the females of hub.. that is kinda strange.. if you need back up, just give me a call b/c you know how strong and scary i am..

  2. obstacle1 says:

    >”…because I am loving Bleach and I am loving be a FOB.”- i don’t know if your grammatical error was on purpose or not but it sure was a great, “case-in-point.” lolhi ellis! teachers unite *e-hi5*no, i haven’t done my IPT yet; that will be next semester for me. from the sounds of your blog, i’m not really looking forwards to doing the ipt and school at the same time hahahah. my friend, who is also in elementary, is doing hers and she is so burnt out. apart from failed science experiments and monumental loads of exams/work, hows your apt (you’re doing your apt right? not ipt?) going? =)

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