>My Rabbit- Cornered and Screwed like Me.

>Ok well this week has been a whole load of fun. Let me start off by saying I am one dumb idiot. I made several mistakes that hopefully I dont ever repeat. Lets start off with the good. As most of you know, I am student teaching this week at Wagner high school. The place is awesome. Its one of the best schools I have ever been in, and I loved Harry Ainlay to pieces. Anyways its got a great program, and great teachers. They are some of the best I have seen, very dedicated to their work. MY mentor teacher is awesome, hes so nice, and he loves his students. He makes me want to be a teacher even more. Secondly, the students are amazing. They are either very self-disciplined or their teachers are darn tootin good. I suspect both. Anyways very good students= me happy. They give me respect and thats all I want. Anyways, very much loving the student teaching. I just sit around and take notes for now, occasionally doing extras like converting my mentor teacher’s lessons into different formats, helping out in demos…etc.

Thirdly- I got to use the staff bathroom! HAHAHAHA. FINALLY AFTER YEARS OF TORMENT I GET TO SEE WHAT THE TEACHER’S BATHROOM IS LIKE. Yes it was hardly different. But it was awesome. “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” hahahahha. It was mine to use, mine to control, and mine to…lock. I got to use the school keys to lock it. Oh yeah. How cool is that. Plus I get to eat in the teacher’s lounge. Oh yeah. It is the best. 😛

Fourthly- One of the best teacher I have seen taught for two years, quit, went to LAW SCHOOL at University of Alberta, quit, and went back to teach for 22 years. Think about that. So just a little tidbit for all the idiots that continually insult me for choosing education as a career path. Its about what YOU LOVE not for the money you idiots. Also not for the name, the fame or any idiot goals you have. When you die, I bet they will mean nothing to you. You’ll just realized that life is too short to care about how “rich and famous” you were and how you thought everybody loved you. Cause they didn’t. So go ahead. Condescend on me. Cause when your time comes, it will only hit you harder.

Ok, now the bad- First I screwed up in one class and I told everybody thatt university is horrible, its full of hard work and I dislike it. I did not realize they did not sense my sarcasm nor did the teacher whose class I was in. Oops. I totally regret that. I’m pretty sarcastic, but I guess I was too good then. Also I was bitter about all the assignments and exams I have before and after reading week which is just freaking awesome. Also lack of sleep. I love sleep.

Second- I bombed my teacher’s demo. It was supposed to be Hero’s Engine (sp?) where it is steam powered and spins around. Well basically my teacher made one out of a pop can for Physics 20 demo. However I decided that it could totally be faster and furiouser if I could add vents on the side to really jet the steam. Plus I added racing stripes. The whole class stared at my teacher as he lit it…..and nothing happened. So the whole class was disapointed in me. Then after that, I tried again and he was like “Mr.Chan is determined to make this work”. However it jsut sat there and spouted steam.


Embarassment City- Population: Me

Anyways went home and busted out my computer downstairs to study which clearly is not working right now. But i ripped out the White Stripes “the Denial Twist” and totally freaked out my rabbit who ran to the corner under my budgie cage. I thought that was hilarious cause he started jumping in random directions and confused himself. Then he just ran and sat there totally dumbfounded.

My natural reaction was to go up close and blind him with my camera.

If this is any sort of foreshadowing, then I’m going to be the best dad ever.

Anyways good night, I have to study. Like seriously. Tonight I will study page 1-40 of Assesment 303. I find by writing this down, I am committed to doing so.

p.s. (everybody loves my green shirt) This is good. I like that.

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