>one of these nights…..

>one of these crazy nights……

an old 80s hit by the Eagles (hotel california anybody?)….reminds me of how i have been drinking coffee and tea for the past 3 hrs and am super awake.

i have about 7 hrs and 40 minutes till my day of madness begins and I’m just chilling here. I’ve studied as much EDPS 310 as possible, and now am going to EDPY 301. I love this. I just talked to somebody who is going to go all night. I wonder how long I will.

this is going to be a suckass morning.

why am i blogging right now? maybe to feel comfort that I dont have to spend all my time killing my brain cells. I’m going to wake up in a very very bad mood.

I can’t wait till Friday. I’m judging a Junior High Science Fair with …hunkman. If you know what that means. Anyways I gotta get back to studying.

Good night y’all.

p.s. speaking of the Eagles “hotel california” makes me miss all the fun I had in my roadtrip to Los Angeles, and driving through the Arizona and Nevada desert. I miss those days. When it was carefree and intoxicating. On a dark desert highway…..

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  1. >haha hunkman… haha eo.. haha.. oh dear.. i need an eo-patch

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