>its official. i am a total dork. one of the things I like to do is twirl a pen around while i study. so while i am studying, i twirl a red pen which is whta i use to add VIP notes.

except the pen exploded.

there is red ink all over me, my bed, my desk, my room.

its awesome.

i think this is indicative that i am the biggest loser on the planet.


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  1. >haha.. ahhaa.. ahahahahahahai can totally see this in my head.. ahhahahahahaa.. aha ahdsfa.sd. oh gosh.. this is GOLD.. this is SUPER GOLD.. platinum.. LUDICROUS>. hahahaha.a.. oh thanks ellis.. so funny.. omg omg.. ok i’m ok.. .. bwhahahhhahah… aha.a hah.. ha.. hoh oh gosh

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